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  1. This may seem really stupid but I've moved from playing with brute forcing and trying to learn to code etc to vehicle modification. I've learned quite a lot but still dabble in tech stuff. There's this thing with a software called vcm editor/aka hp tuners. They don't want to allow dpf removal on diesel trucks. Because epa blah blah blah. Can some one point me in the direction of turning this attached file into a bin file and possibly back? I know it may not work but i'm just wondering how can I do this if at all. This is a totally unmodified straight from a truck computer file. I'm thinking of using something a long the lines of winols which is a software that allows building and modifying of said bin files. If anyone need links to vcm editor let me know. It's up on the hptuners main page you can down load it there or I can host elsewhere. 2016FordF250Base.hpt
  2. I actually have a gaia account because my girlfriend convinced me to make one but that didnt last but about the log in problems yeah thats their end I'm almost sure. I have had the same problem on some days when the population is over 60000 people online.
  3. This is the reason I use iceweasel(firefox underlying code) It so far has not got me infected from Torrent sites etc. but one day it will which is why i have avira but it is about worthless but it is better than avg.
  4. After beta testing windows 7 and seeing it really isnt much over vista I am not excited.
  5. Ok First geohot found the same 24k exploit that was used in the ipod touch 2g jb so he is in credit of finding the exploit on the 3gs from what ive read and now that dev team has their jb out use it instead of purplera1n It has so many errors.
  6. Honestly I wonder where the pirate bay will go from here. I actually use the site for things other than piracy, but that too once in a while to try a game to see if it is any good, but if I like the game I go out and buy it. I hope that the new owners dont just crash the site and ruin it because the I'll have to deal with the idiots over at isohunt or mininova which I hate both. I am more on the side of the previous owners though they couldnt keep the site up and f the new owners go through the things they say they will and make the site better then go for it.
  7. well ive tried phlak(professional hackers linux assualt kit)/knoppix and cant get trace route or ip finder to work so could some one maybe help this unruly n00b