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  1. as an American, I have to say, that's damn sad.
  2. ohai i'm sure you remember me savant with my bluebox goodness, lol
  3. not a problem mate cheers
  4. hahahahah Jean Reno ftw
  5. oh no, i have a twin, lol
  7. damn, all these profile views. i must be popular or something, lol.

  8. i still have a copy on my external HD. i can upload it somewhere if people want it.
  9. see Logic procedures for interworking of Signalling System No. 5 to Signalling System No. 7 (ISUP) Logic procedures for interworking of signalling system No. 7 (TUP) to No. 5 Logic procedures for interworking of Signalling System No. 7 (ISUP) to No. 5 for more info on all that HTH
  10. like the description says
  11. Thanks! I hadnt thought of doing that. great idea!! yup, happy to help
  12. i must indeed concur with everyone here; you've shown much intelligence and willingness to absorb new ideas, well done indeed, i know many people who can't/won't do this. you might want to contact your computer manufacturer, (Dell, HP, etc.) and ask about a replacement disc. i and others can tell you how to copy it as well. Hope This Helps
  13. PIC bluebox photos, i has dem

  14. oh, if you want, i can PM you my email address.

  15. awesome, oh and 6, i've almost got my hardware bluebox done
  16. click the X next to the question mark
  17. CDO is a step switch designed for rural areas of less than 1000 lines, so they're very small offices. a step PBX is simply a PBX that is being handled by step by step equipment See this for more info on step equipment
  18. found another automotive engineering book for ya. "Automotive Embedded Systems Handbook" Edited by Nicolas Navet and Fran├žoise Simonot-Lion

  19. Note this is what should be done if there is any issue with bells mind. I know he's stated this many times in the past. Thanks for letting us know wm21. yup, no prob
  20. i talked to ntheory, he fixed it and it's up and running now
  21. ah you beat me to it, i was going to post the very same thing
  22. sup natas,

    did you ever check out the other DB that was in the dir with the LERG?

  23. i've got it set up and i'd be happy to send you a test email as soon as you get squared away