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  1. damn, all these profile views. i must be popular or something, lol.

  2. PIC bluebox photos, i has dem

  3. oh, if you want, i can PM you my email address.

  4. found another automotive engineering book for ya. "Automotive Embedded Systems Handbook" Edited by Nicolas Navet and Fran├žoise Simonot-Lion

  5. sup natas,

    did you ever check out the other DB that was in the dir with the LERG?

  6. ah, here we go, "Automobile Electrical and Electronic

    Systems" 3rd edition.

    by tom denton

  7. jolly good, i have another ECM book for you but i forget the title at the moment

  8. oh yeah? did you like it?

  9. Hey PJ, remember me from IRC?

    how's life been treating ya?

  10. happy birthday man :) hope you have a good one

  11. happy late birthday stank :)

    thanks for all you do for the community

  12. I wanna ride you ALL NiGHT LoNg!!!!!