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  1. ohai i'm sure you remember me savant with my bluebox goodness, lol
  2. not a problem mate cheers
  3. hahahahah Jean Reno ftw
  4. oh no, i have a twin, lol
  6. damn, all these profile views. i must be popular or something, lol.

  7. i still have a copy on my external HD. i can upload it somewhere if people want it.
  8. see Logic procedures for interworking of Signalling System No. 5 to Signalling System No. 7 (ISUP) Logic procedures for interworking of signalling system No. 7 (TUP) to No. 5 Logic procedures for interworking of Signalling System No. 7 (ISUP) to No. 5 for more info on all that HTH
  9. Thanks! I hadnt thought of doing that. great idea!! yup, happy to help
  10. i must indeed concur with everyone here; you've shown much intelligence and willingness to absorb new ideas, well done indeed, i know many people who can't/won't do this. you might want to contact your computer manufacturer, (Dell, HP, etc.) and ask about a replacement disc. i and others can tell you how to copy it as well. Hope This Helps
  11. like the description says
  12. PIC bluebox photos, i has dem

  13. oh, if you want, i can PM you my email address.

  14. awesome, oh and 6, i've almost got my hardware bluebox done