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  1. Can you send the link to that post. I want to read.
  2. Main point in the quote you took from my post was "IF". If being that if he was doing it to help the less fortunate. Now maybe no one does it to help the less fortunate but if he wanted to do it for that purpose, great. Otherwise... well it's all in my first post. Signed, d_v310p3r You can believe what you want, for the moment, but your beliefs are worth nothing if your not open to changing them in the next.
  3. Thee are people in this world that do things for all the wrong reasons. Then there are people that do them for the right reasons. The WAREZ scene, I am sure is filled with a mixture of the two. Maybe some people do it because they are bored and having nothing else to do, and it gives them some sort of high to crack a program, or to hack an FTP to use its bandwidth, or whatever it is they do. Some other people may do it becuase they feel, like myself, that software that could and should be alot less expensive needs to be distributed equally to those who may not have financial access to them. The very best example of an application that needs to be freely distributed or at least greatly reduced in price, or offered freely with optional packages, is WINDOWS. I don't care what anyone says. Windows is the main OS in the world, and until the world is overun be computer geeks and hobbyists, LINUX WILL NOT BE MAINSTREAM (unless the distrubutors of Linux, i.e. Redhat Mandrake, smarten up and make it more user friendly, so that someone like, lets say, my grandma can us it). So as free as it is, it does not have the capabilities and impact that Windows currently has. Programmers are writing code for Windows applications and they are making money off of it. Programmers writing code for Linux, are not. This OPEN SOURCE movement Belgarath was speaking of is only happening amongst the computer geeks and hobbyists, and it is also happening amongst those rich kids with nothing to do who are now or have learned Linux, because they hae the time to learn it. In the end, my point is this: METADOX do what makes you happy or allows you to have fun. If you want to be a part of the WAREZ scene, becuase you want to help the less forunate, great. If you want to do it, because you and some body of yours have nothing to do with their lives, fine, just don't hurt anyone. All I ask is that you try and learn as much as possible about anything and everything. Maybe someday, OPEN SOURCE programmers and normal ones alike will make the same amount of money. Maybe if the community of computer people realize that this coders take much time and effort to create something for the masses, they will donate to the people who create them. Then there will not be a need for WAREZ groups. Of course big corps will crumble if this happened, and the quality and support of purchased applications will go into the crapper. But hey, Alls well that ends Well. Signed, d_v310p3r You can believe what you want, for the moment, but your beliefs are worth nothing if your not open to changing them in the next.