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  1. i'm sure that's exactly what everyone on here wants to read for entertainment purposes only, what *might* be a next step?
  2. so you got an ip address, figured out what OS its running even, and then did a couple of nmap scans, tried it with the -P0 flag as it seemed they were blocking pings, and ended up with a list of "interesting ports" that are open. what might you do next, now that you possess this information?
  3. frankly, i feel that my server is in an entirely different performance class, and thus could be used to do a lot more. so yeah i think it warrants a new thread.
  4. ok but... can i get some specific suggestions lol? like exactly what things could it do for me, and how to set it up to do them? thanks!!
  5. you mean to bind say a virus into an exe file for example? i am curious about this also, purely for educational purposes of course
  6. i have an old server that i frankly don't know what i ought to do with. what could i use it for-it has 2 p3 600mhz cpus in it, 1.5gb of sdram, and 6 9gb 10k scsci drives... also it has 2 lan ports and a cdrom of course. thanks!!
  7. can anyone explain basically how to set up an older computer to be a firewall? i mean really from step 1; ie the pc doesn't even have an operating system on it, so which would be best, etc. thanks!
  8. I'm gonna puke... If you have any desire to continue using mysp*ce, you might want to do the spamming from a public terminal such as a school or library, as they may eventually figure out that a shitload of packets were thrown from your IP in an unreasonably short amount of time... could get your IP banned, which, depending on your internet connection type, it may or may not be easy for you to get a new IP soon.
  9. can't any card do packet sniffing? i thought that was just software... that's not what i'm getting it for but i don't want to limit myself for the future... can you explain why the hardware affects this? thanks!
  10. hey, anyways it looks like a good program and i didn't know about it until you guys mentioned it so it helped me
  11. what kind of resistor should i use, given that its a 5mm 2.1v 25mA 6.3mcd green LED ? i'm trying to use one AA battery at the moment, could use more if i have to thought. i bought a multipack of resistors, they are all 1/4 watt and a bunch of dif types but the color chart on the back of the packaging confuses the shit out of me...
  12. ok i have a breadboard in front of me, with no power terminals bc i am on a budget, and i have an led i am trying to light up... i have several AA batteries, wiring, a pack of assorted resistors, a pack of assorted capacitors, a push button switch, a diode, and a transistor. i tried plugging the led into the breadboard and connecting an AA battery to the breadboard along the same line but it didnt light up. i found some talk of a resistor being used online, but no diagrams or anything; how can i make the damn thing light up?? and also, with the parts i have, what are some other cool things i could do to practice/learn? thanks!!
  13. ohm, (or others) could you recommend a good multimeter and soldering iron to me?
  14. desktop, sorry... and actually it could be pci or usb, as long as it has an antenna or a jack for me to connect my own
  15. I need to get a pci wireless network adaptor... can anyone recommend a good one that is cheap? I don't want to have driver issues or drop the connection intermittently but i also want it to be as cheap as possible... suggestions? links? oh and it must have an antenna or jack, as i plan to put my own antenna on it, so those ones that just like have an antenna built into the square are no good thanks!