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  1. Is this during a login at the main Xbox 360 Dashboard?
  2. Judging from a packet dump that I just did, all the dashboard data is sent over cleartext HTTP, using JPEGs for the images, an XML file for the main dashboard setup, an encrypted executable format called XEX, and what appears to be a proprietary container format called XZP. The HTTP User-Agent string used is "Xbox Live Client/2.0.8507.0". And it appears that they use Kerberos for authentication.
  3. If it's configured to just act as a bridge then it's probably not accepting association requests. The traffic you're seeing is probably originating either from the wired LAN that's connected to said bridge, or from the sister bridge. If nothing is encrypted then it may be possible to pretend to be the other bridge. Not sure the specifics of how to do this, though.
  4. A wireless bridge provides two or more physically (but not logically) separate network segments with access to each other. No. Presumably, a pre-shared key or some other form of authentication. But you haven't told us what sort of security they have on this thing, so we can't say anything to be certain. I don't understand. Did you connect to this guy's wireless bridge, which in turn provided you with access to the AP that you're trying to connect to now? Uh....no? I don't know where you get the idea that all wireless security can be broken by spoofing a MAC address, but no.
  5. Does your bittorrent client pick a nonstandard, randomized port and force full stream encryption?
  6. Put a Java SSH applet on your webserver? I'm not sure what software to recommend, but I know something like that exists for the iPhone (done via AJAX, not Java), and Webmin includes one too.
  7. An exploit module for the vulnerability has been added to metasploit. Remote code execution and the works.
  8. Good luck with that. I'd suggest Eclipse as an IDE on Linux, or if you want something less bloated, Code::Blocks. Btw, Wine Is Not an Emulator.
  9. Negative. I appreciate the help. I am sure there is probably another way of doing it. Or maybe I just didn't explain myself well enough. Basically I want to find a hidden SSID without "any" clients connected wirelessly to a router. Or without having to brute force the SSID. I am sure there is probably other ways, but nobody seems to know enough about it to help me. Taking kismet's de-cloak out of the picture. Would wireshark work for finding a hidden SSID without any clients connected to the AP? Or anything else? You're asking the impossible. How would wireshark be any better at magically finding the SSID? If the AP isn't broadcasting its SSID and there aren't any clients associating with the AP, then there will be no packets containing the SSID for wireshark to pick up. You understand that you can disassociate a client from the network to get the hidden SSID, yet you don't see the relevance of dinscurge's post about the WEP handshake packet. This clearly shows that you have no idea what you're talking about, as the whole point of disassociating the client *is* to get the handshake packet. Read up on the basics of 802.11/WEP/WPA and get back to us.
  10. 1.) Use code tags 2.) Post in the Programming/Code section 3.) "int output" is set to 0, so this: output *= i; won't do anything, since 0 * anything = 0.
  11. But you forgot to take off the quotes. host = IP_ADDR, 445
  12. Oh my god shut up.
  13. Holy shit this guy's retarded.