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  1. Well I recently got a new phone(I <3 my mogul) and am looking to get a bluetooth gps, for it. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on decent ones that won't break the bank.
  2. I checked out some reviews and it seems something I wanted. A good first gps. Could you give me the ebayers name. Thanks
  3. What I am looking for is a cheap nvidia board that has dual monitor support [for my 2 d-sub montiors (dont care if one channel has to be converted via dvi->dsub converter)], and to play with composite support for xorg. I used to know sites that would let you meta browse for prices. Basically im looking for a few good meta sites, and someone to say which nvidia chipset to go with (there are so many of them). I don't do anything other than watch videos and browse the web and code and stuff on the computer. I kinda wanna spend under 40.
  4. Thanks a bunch for the info, I have decided to well restrain from busting out 30 bucks and sticking to a buggy implementation of Xdmx (distributed multiheaded X). I am not sure if its Xdmx, xinerama, or the way I set it up, but flash likes to crash Xdmx well it did so a while ago. Basically use network to simulate the same things a dual display vid card can do. Im thinking ill probably end up waiting for christmas and asking for a tad better one than the 30 im not even willing to seperate with. Thanks for the links and the info, it was exactly what I wanted.
  5. weatherbug Aol Instant Messenger Any link yuo can find from a porn site
  6. One such program that is technology related is ITconversations. Basically interviews/conferences, awsome audio quality and I really enjoy a bunch of the shows, the ones that arent about subjects you enjoy, well you just hit the next button and keep going. *note they do have like 2 ads at the start and end.
  7. When I saw information about most dual way satelites(sensibly cost) was a 1 way directional anntenna, and a ?microwave? transmitter to a nearby tall station at the top of a mountain, and then this would transmit to to the sky. [edit] I looked into direcway, and just to say, even though it doesnt need dialup, it actually worse then the ones that do, its upstream is only 50kbps (slower than the max of 56k). Added to the fact that it has an added high latency on the upstream/ack packets its just worse, only use if you dont have a phone line.
  8. in a server enviroment, all big major applications that can be chrooted, should. And that all those should be on a seperate partion. Also deffinatelly keep your tmp files and your log files on a different partion to help maintain linerality. DB files should also be on a different partion.
  9. AI is sexy.
  10. how far has looking glass come from january?
  11. bb4win
  12. partion magic = costs qt parted = free ... use qt parted, its on knoppix, and mempis
  13. Article: Slashdot: ← And either patent it or encrypt the signal or own it, not allowing it to be used by others. All meanwhile nuking our bodies with radiation. I hate anythign to deal with wireless.
  14. I remember doing something like this in assembly class, It involved connecting to the keyboard port.
  15. Cant answer for the misses, but it looks like droops is thinking that the GHB he just slipped the camera guy is going to be for an amazing time.
  16. nose smush [edit] Now I want some sushi......
  17. OSX

    I once touched a mac laptop, and all I can say for some reason the one I touched they keys felt not spaced out far enough. I am a rather picky about it, though to be fair it was one of a small form factor, either the 12 inch or maybe less ( I dont know if they make them smaller). That said I have an old Dell Lattitude CSx 12 inch laptop, that I absoletely love, and that I am currently typing on right now. The best thing that happened was that the hd died about 3 months before the 3 year warranty was up and they had to replace the 6 gig hd with a 20 (this was soon after I got the laptop, so it didnt have any data I didnt already have backed up). That and I got my laptop for free.... YAY!! I do have to say apples laptops are some of the most beautiful computers that I have ever seen. Though kickass servers really get me hard.
  18. I installed lilo with windows 95 & linux, only time I remember having to do something special. I had to get lilo to switch the partion labels around in the bios or something, so that windows would think that it was the primary HD when it wasnt. Other than that rather specific ocasion lilo is just install and takeoff. That said, I like grub more. Not knock on LILO, just my preference. [edit] I think it has to be said I woulda had to do some sort of similiar type trick if I used grub as well.
  19. has a nice list of emulators. Just outta curiosity anyone here ever heard of virtuozzo they claim ONLY a 3% speed loss. Just wondering if anyone has ever played with it/ has it.
  20. Looks like this will be hitting my christmas wish list.
  21. VMware isnt that bad for students, $50.
  22. Nope the 200mhz is right... for everyone that doesn't understand read the wiki. Basically DDR = DOUBLE DATA RATE. This is because it read/write on both edges of the clock, meaning it does 2 things per cycle. So the clock will be at 200mhz, and it will be doing stuff at 400mhz.
  23. or you could just dual boot between two hard drives and leave the clean install unplugged, because you arent going to be reverting to that much
  24. Read the first paragraph of the wiki, untill you get it.
  25. ubuntu isnt that hard to add mp3 support to if you have half a brain ( not trying to insult anyone ) ; for me at least, the night i had it installed. i almost instantly had xmms playing mp3s / ogg streams. and flash/java/yaddayadda goin for firefox. But maybe thats just me. I never found any of it hard at all. You just gotta remember that = your friend (+ compiling never hurt anyone) , if you need a little help, or if you dont know how to do certain tasks. Edit: Not sure which is worse on resources, KDE or Gnome. ( I think KDE, Cant say really ) But of course it can be changed. ← But this isnt the distro supporting mp3 / dvdplayback / or flash. You can fix it, but doing so takes time, and also screws up the distro's completeness (ie running distro supported apps, that recieve distro community support). I am not sure about gnome but I know yuo have to recompile much of kde to get proper support for mp3's in Noatun and other things.