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  1. omfg.. your avatar.

    Gonna post me and the sexiness to counter.

  2. You could increase the signal with a omni directional antenna, maybe 8db or higher.. But as far as increasing bandwidth, they use PPoE, which means you get what you pay for.
  3. Only 44 votes? How many members does this forum have? Presenters and playing with stuff.. my personal favorites! How about some anime?! j/k
  4. Why not try UT 2004. They are getting ready to come out with UT 2007, they are cross platform and very demanding video wise.
  5. Its called reverse IP lookup.
  6.;article=218 That should get you full control again. Sounds like the machine was locked down via Group policy.
  7. If you setup one machine you can do host header redirection. which is done in IIS. You still forward port 21 to one server and then setup the server to respond to the different names requested by the ftp clients If your using linux.. There are a few linux apps that can also do the host header thing. On sonicwall firewalls you can setup policies that detect the name requested and redirect the ports appropriately.. but its a real pain to setup. I would go with the different ports scenario if you only have 1 IP address. And obviously, if you have more than on IP, setup port forwarding for each one.
  8. <font style="font-size: 9000px;">HI THERE!! </font>