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  1. I have a little libretto ct50 laptop, its got jsut 32mb of ram and a p75 cpu. I pulled out its hdd and put it in another laptop and booted an iso of Damn Small Linux. and installed it to the hdd, put Hdd back in my teeny tiny craptop and booted it, runs xwindows with fluxbox, has a mini browser and a spreadsheet and wordproccessor, i installed kismet and put my orinoco wifi card in it and i have a nice little palmtop, with the docking bay i can connect a serial gps. its not fast but DSL runs atleast as well as the win95 that came on this speed deamon!
  2. wow its back? (not accessible from t-mob) 957-6741 was a ringback it for a while back around 2000. hows the land of hot?!?
  3. i'd be down with meeting up some of you all..
  4. ive done it before by burning a cd of the c:\windows\options folder, and making a "recovery boot floppy" using the tool in "add/remove programs. you will need the windows millenium serial(may be on the case).. you may also want to burn any "drivers" folders. you can find. (print out the system info from inside windows/device manager if it runs at all" that way you may have the device names to look for drivers for.. if windows is to hosed to boot you may have to pull the hdd and hook it up to a working computer to burn the options/drivers folders or just switch to linux, you can dowload a nice install of ubutnu linux at,
  5. not to sound, uh.. snarky.. but... you could try calling it.. most that dont accept incoming calls dont post the number or have a sign telling you no incoming calls, i have a 1-800 vmb i call from the payphone, it then sends a quick SMS with the real ANI of the line to my cellphone, i can then call the phone back and listen to it ring, some "not accepting incoming phones" still ring very quietly, some pick up and offer modem tones or dtmf tones.
  6. post a photo. is there a little black epoxy lump anywhere? any contact points on the circuit board?
  7. Ive don't years and years of soldering, but I'm not the most careful person, here are a few quick tips, the real danger of solder is leadoxide and that is fairly heavy, kinda like "pencil lead"(which is graphite) wash your hands after handling solder (old solder is worse than fresh recently melted solder) as for the actual setup, try and get a cookiesheet at a thrift store, they are handy solder station trays (will help catch any splatter or drips, (more common de-soldering) also get a little fan so you can blow the smoke away get a tube or a tin of flux! i wish i had found flux years earlier (i thought since i was using flux core solder it was un-needed) when i first used it i was amazed! the solder practically leaps into the junction and flows all perfect like! also get a tin of tip/cleaner/tinner from radioshack, they last years and allow you to keep cheapo crap irons working for years. if you would like to do more with SMT or other sensitive electronics you may want to get a 15w iron, (or a 30w, and build a cord with a big diode in series, which will drop out half of the 110v down to about 50v and in tern about 15w)
  8. A friend asked me the other day, some scifi book he read involved someone calling 1-111-111-1111 and that got him thinking, why is there no areacode 111, and no NPA 111 I suspected it was legacy issues with the mechanical rotor switches, but that was just guessing.. anyone here got the leet phreak info on this one?
  9. I had 2 identical GE bases and one handset, i found i coulld use the handset with either base, but i had to remove the battery, dissconnect the base from the line and power, put the phone's battery in, then leave it on the cradle while powering on the base, the phone would learn the id of the base, (because i could not use the same phone on both bases, without doing the whole unplug thing) so possibly you could do it with yours but you would probably have to go over to the base and put the phone on it without the battery, and plug it all in..
  10. check the date and time on the pc, if the date is off, you cant activate it! (cant remember the error, encryption error or certificate error or something) change the clock and date to the correct time and day and try again, if it says its already registered, you will have to call M$.. tell them your motherboard blew up and you had to reinstall..
  11. those CoinStar machines often in the fronts of some grocery stores, will let you get your payment on a prepaid credit card, (ive been intending to go lug my change jar and get one.. just to play with.. should be nice and anonymous..
  12. first off, you should get in your own head what Phreaking is to you! that will help you decide what to focus on, then start doign some searches, here in ther forums and olaces like the PLA and the archives of telephreak, dont forget about usenet, your local 2600 meetings and staying curious..
  13. depends, anyone can claim to have a press affiliation, but most things where one thinks of having a press pass, would involve security or cops, and they preferyou to have a separtment issued credentials, each police department has diffrent rules, but for the most part, you have to bring them some proof of id, proof of profession, and 4-10 articles in a bi-weekly or better publication, or video. 2600 was denied a press pass at the RNC before they even knew what 2600 was, because it was only a quarterly.. had they known they would have probably done much worse than just refuse Emmanual
  14. such palm software exists, but does not work well, (and in atleast the palm1/pro/III) it requires upgrading the speaker.. a google hunt can find you the info..
  15. if this is XP take your install cd, reinstall, up to the point where it asks for your product key, then hit SHIFT-F10 and that will drop you to a CMD prompt, you should then be able to delete the item in the documents and settings.......startup folder.. super handy knowing that until the product key is set you have this handy secret dos trapdoor.. used it several times to grab needed things.. and its not all limited like the stupid recovery console..