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  1. Well hello there.

  2. Girl hackers dont exist O_o

    ....Or do they? O_O

  3. At the time, I had a laptop running windows, so I bought the adobe software that was made specifically for windows. Dumb move on my part.
  4. I got a new laptop for college, seeing as my old one had a horrible run in with a glass of water. It's a Macbook Pro, 2 GB memory. I have windows XP running on a separate partition with all my adobe CS3 software. My question was whether or not I should upgrade to a 4GB memory, because it runs fine now, but I still have a lot more software to load on the windows partition.
  5. Ah cool, its SPADE. Laters Spade.

  6. No girls on the internets.

  7. lol, it's a matter of preference. =] And I think I figured it out. Thanks for all your help!
  8. I can't for the life of me get my internet to work on Linux[ubuntu]. I have linksys wireless internet card installed. It recognizes it, but never fully connects. Any suggestions or walk-throughs would be very much appreciated, considering I'm not an expert with Linux.
  9. coolo march 9th, i'm march 8th.