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  1. Well hello there.

  2. Girl hackers dont exist O_o

    ....Or do they? O_O

  3. At the time, I had a laptop running windows, so I bought the adobe software that was made specifically for windows. Dumb move on my part.
  4. I got a new laptop for college, seeing as my old one had a horrible run in with a glass of water. It's a Macbook Pro, 2 GB memory. I have windows XP running on a separate partition with all my adobe CS3 software. My question was whether or not I should upgrade to a 4GB memory, because it runs fine now, but I still have a lot more software to load on the windows partition.
  5. Ah cool, its SPADE. Laters Spade.

  6. No girls on the internets.

  7. lol, it's a matter of preference. =] And I think I figured it out. Thanks for all your help!
  8. I can't for the life of me get my internet to work on Linux[ubuntu]. I have linksys wireless internet card installed. It recognizes it, but never fully connects. Any suggestions or walk-throughs would be very much appreciated, considering I'm not an expert with Linux.
  9. coolo march 9th, i'm march 8th.

  10. VisualBasic, in my opinion, is okay. It's not too powerful, which is a good property to have. But in reply to Phasma's topic, if he really wanted to, he could ask me for the C++ book sitting in my room. I'll send it express.
  11. Okay, to make a long story short, I fixed up my old computer: gave it internet access, fixed up the hardware and upgraded the software, etc. Big problem though -- because the damn thing had been stored in the basement for so long (fully hooked up and running) -- it's spyware-protection and other security programs either expired or became outdated and obsolete. I absolutely suck with internet security, and since I use a wireless open network... it somehow managed to get serious amounts of Malware, Spyware and Adware on it. The spyware and adware were no problem, but... How do you FULLY get rid of any type of malware without wiping the system?