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  1. Hey guys, I haven't posted in a while, some of you may remember me, some may not. (I feel like a lot was wrong with that sentence, but whatever). Anyway, I just wanted to announce that im changing my handle to RapidDemon, which I have been using for everything I do for almost a year. Therefore, when you see RapidDemon, remember RapidDemon == Juv3nil3 Ph15h. I also plan to be much more active now that it's summertime, so I hope to see you guys in the IRC channel and *NIX.
  2. Let's not forget Gentoo and their live CLI W00T W00T
  3. If you feel the need to use these simplistic graphics libraries they are called TurtleGraphics. Logo is still taught to middle schoolers at my school, although they didn't have it when I was in middle school. I've played around with TurtleGraphics in Java, they really sort of suck but they're amusing for an hour or so.
  4. Yeah dude, ATI just fucking sucks in Linux.
  5. The reason this will not work is because FGLRX does not support any graphics technology older than the Radeon 8500. Therefore, the IGP 320 is not supported. If you need 3d acceleration look into DRI, whcih althogh quite slow is better than nothing.
  6. What model integrated ATI chipset do you have? FGLRX should work with anything using programmable shaders. Just use the ones under the desktop section, they work on laptops. Also, the quality has greatly increased in recent releases, although they are still not that great. If you chipset is too old, the DRI project will have working Linux drivers for you, although they are slow and don't perform well.
  7. There are all sorts of uses for these computers. They all run Linux, so they can all be many things. Use one for a web server, a file server, a streaming music box, a firewall/router, just a Linux box to play with, a desktop computer/web browsing box etc. etc. You could run SSH and FTP on one as well. The possibilities are endless.
  8. The gentoo Linux project has some of the best howtos, guides and docs of any distro available, check it out: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/home-router-howto.xml
  9. It should work on Original Pentiums, maybe even 486s, although I probably would reccomend u run something other than gnome if you need a window environment. I am currently running it on an Athlon XP 3200+ with 1gb ram, and also on a Pentium 3 750MHz laptop. My other comps are reserved for things such as FreeBSD, Fedora, and Gentoo.
  10. The other week I came accross a Linux distro when I was checking out new ones on google. I came accross Ubuntu, which has recently been slashdotted. It is Debian SID based, but it has some key features, including Gnome 2.8. It is a very solid distro with great package support and a great community. It works really well, and overall I have had a very positive experience with it. Also, since it is debian compatible it has a pretty solid support base. Overall I think its a great distro to try out. I can't comment on if it would be a good distro for n00bs or not because I used the expert install and configured a lot of parts myself, but I can testify that it is excellent for the power user. If anyone else is trying this let me know what you think of it.
  11. I've been using the various iterations of 2.6.9 ever since RC-1. Don't see that much changed from RC-4, weren't they only like a week apart anyway? I do like it however, it works well, runs fast, and remains stable.
  12. I guess I must just be really lucky. Not only do my parents know I read about and post on sites like these, they encourage it. At any given time I have 9 computers of my own in my room, not to mention all the other computers I have from consulting, and the random parts lying around. My parents are not at all computer literate, yet they cencourage me to learn and grow. I run Windows on none of my computers, and now my dad is asking me to teach him Linux, so he can learn it for his business work. Of course, I also suffer from the common issue of being accused of using the computer too much, but my parents don't really do much about it because it's better then going off and smoking pot, and my parents know that too. My advice to you is to show your parents you are mature and responsible. Try to reason with them, and have a talk with them. You may be surprised that they might actually listen.
  13. 1) Use cfdisk if your a linux n00b, that should work well for you. 2) chmod lets you change permissions, this link will explain it: http://catcode.com/teachmod/
  14. I think the best thing of all about using a command line with Linux, in addition to what Belgarath said would be the fact that its free, and that you have freedom. You can do almost anything to your Linux computer from the command line, and do it better than in Windows in most cases.
  15. I use xorg over XFree86, and the ATI drivers seem to be more of a pain in the ass to compile then they were before with it. For example, I have trouble getting the fglrx module to load on one of my computers, yet on another one, after a bunch of patches and special instructions, I was able to get the module installed and working.