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  1. oops nevermind that post.. the 810 wasnt working.. but i used the other one, 720 and works great!
  2. kool-- me and bizurke will think if we want to make some for ... the /store is coming soon... yall like our current logo? well we may get some stickers- donations are welcome see our home page for MORE details and etc!
  3. a lil off topic but i have RR (Austin, TX) and it sucks! it goes down all the time and i went on tech support to ask if we were allowed to urun our own server which would use minimal bandwith, and they said "Yes, for right now" and i asked will i be told when it is not allowed they said "no", and i asked if we would be penalized when it becomes againts the End User's Agreement and they said "yes" so for right now i can, but when they say no, the can immediately shut down my account.. its whack.
  4. yea- what happened to the FWD line?
  5. no i dont think so.. i heard that yahoo made it so u cant even connect with third party progz/appz like trillian and / or gaim.. ya kno?
  6. i domt know any but would sure like to know.. would benefit me and bizurke over at **still under contruction but go and sign up.. it will be great.. and o yea.. donate please, if you rbidget allows!* lol bye
  7. here in AUSTIN, TX (NPA=512) , att is 5603536.. does that work with any arecodes? i tried ny (212) and San Antonion, TX (210) and it didnt work.. but the 5125603536 lets u leave a message for any att subscriber in any areacode (works so far with what ive tried)...
  8. really really cool and all.. but would you really pay 749.99 for it.. just saying.. wonder if theres anything like that for a smaller budget.. will post my fininding if yall want..
  9. i have nufone.. well actually i just got it to try it out FREE for 800's but its being a b**** to find a GOOD softphone for my work (have to use windows...) anyone know a good one.. im set up with them to us iax.. but i dont want to go thru asterisk just yet.. contact me sum how below or thru my profile.. thnx yall
  10. also .. great site.. still being worked on by SysSacrifice tho..
  11. and we are not in trouble i think i mis-spoke.. i have a question about what content someone can have (like warez, etc).. its not happening at the moment...
  12. no- i knew yall were into computers and the internet (as i am) and with that comes some legal troubles.. thought yall would know some stuff.. but im sorry for "abusing" it...
  13. Ok- i know i have no hard feeling for anyone here and am very sorry... i am going to close this account and either stop posting at binrev, or come back as a totally new alias and not talk about selling hosting... I am very sorry- Is there anything else i can do?
  14. greyarea- yea maybe..
  15. please delete this thread- Thank you