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  1. 911 (last that I knew locally) uses ANI1. That and I'm not sure why someone would want to call 911 spoof'd anyway. "omgomgomg i has muh bike in muh ass." -What about this jank ass number you're calling from?! "uhhhhhhh."
  2. What I would do, is find out what you have to do to get 2 static IP addresses from your ISP, and route the two to each machine. That'd probably be the easiest.
  3. Yeah, I do the 411 test, and just ask around. Most of the lines around here are former GTE/current Verizon, or MCI that got bought by Verizon locally. Found out that AT&T does DS# services, OC# services, 800 services, etc. I got a little messed up on a muscle relaxer that I take for a shoulder injury when I was bored. Some suggestions came in because Verizon is all around this town. I managed to find out the test numbers, local ANAC, etc, on my side of town no one was around. So I played with the coin collect test a bit, you can only imagine where that went to. Its pretty sweet... But what is the test called, that once you call the number, it rings busy, then kills the line for x amount of minutes?
  4. I have, yes. It's pretty sad when you have nothing to do besides play with phones. This town is lame. Stay tuned for my internet TV show that is coming out, THTV, and you'll see why. :-) I believe Lucky225 had a travelers guide sent to the Default Radio P.O. box or something. Look it up kids- Terre Haute, Indiana.
  5. Unless you plan on doing a lot of radio mods, just don't waste your time.
  6. How do you determine the serving telco of a payphone? I figured dial 411, then when it asks you for change, don't put any in, and wait for it to say "AT&T" or "Verizon". This is going to basically tell me weather or not some of the test numbers I have are 1, either in use, or 2, not existant to that telco. Any other way specifically?