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  1. Wow. That totally worked. Thanks man. I missed that little thing when I moved to Linux.
  2. I think the gaming industry should know that without sticking us into a venn diagram of platforms, we are all humans and entertainment shouldn't be confined to any one of the platforms. I think a cross platform revolution should be underway to give everyone the freedom of platform. I'm not sure WINE can handle every game smoothly. Bad. But I'm not so sad because I don't play much games anyway. So, I'll be happy sticking with Linux all my life.
  3. Well, I found Binrev while searching for why Blacklisted 411 wasn't producing any more magazines. I took a look at the topics and I was impressed by the quality and I joined. Thats my story and this is my first post. Can't wait to post another !! And, whoever reads this, I've a first suggestion, I think you need to put a Quick Reply box so that I can reply much quickly without a pageload to come to this page.