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  1. Military? That's mine! Hack it all u want.
  2. Debian. I love apt.
  3. you know you're elite when ur balls explode.
  4. what about self incrimination? subpoena my fucking hairy asshole.
  5. I was amazed no one mentioned Phrack 49-14, but then I saw one of those links was mirroring it. Here are two more good documents: THC: Hackaholic (NEW!):
  6. You've already thought about this far too much for it to be anything more than an ode to faggotry.
  7. He sounds like a skiddiot to me. He explained his process as downloading commercially available tools, and scanning large networks. Seemingly did nothing to hide his tracks. Moreover, what was that shit about the images he couldnt download because they were "too huge" but viewed them on a remote desktop... He just sounds a lot smarter cause of his british accent. I think its quite clear that this whole story was fabricated by the US government and mckinnon is in cahoots with the CIA.
  8. You were probably thinking of either of these: <---Agent Steal Would a tape recorder be able to usefully record at 56k? It seems that the guy in the above post and Agent Steal ran into issues at 1200 baud, let alone 56k. Maybe if you had some kind of modem-in-the-middle device ;-) I mean, it isnt too far fetched to use a small computer to do the recording, right? I'm tired and i dont know what im talking about...
  9. :-) "This is Kent Brockman from DOT hq in cheyenne mountain. [...] this may sound weird, but the activation code is 'I am rick james, bitch.'"
  10. Some great quotes in that article: Man, if they were an expert hacker, just think of what they might have done! They might have managed to offend someone, because that is the epitome of hackerism. I'm sure theyd be just as baffled if one of those felt signs with movable letters outside a church got "hacked". ;-) It was still a dickish thing to do because the sign had useful information on it, but nothing thatd be unsafe to change.
  11. Stank, you pwn. Happy trails.
  12. HOPE 5 was awesome, ill definitely be at 6.
  13. He's totally right tho. Hackers who murder people through the internet for $500 billion dollars a year should forced to live in an airport with Tom Hanks.
  14. Well it should be noted that you can create a custom *nix OS with little to no coding by using existing software. It is not difficult at all to start with the Linux kernel as base and building from there. If you are serious about _writing_ a kernel, my one suggestion is giving yourself a very small starting goal, and dont aim to rival Linux or BSD right out of the gate. Pick a platform and stick with it too, as you will need to do a lot of assembly programming, and understand the architecture fairly well.
  15. I couldnt live without my gui, how would I open up gnome terminal?