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  1. Sorry for the post. I misunderstood the forums definition of hacking. I thought that what I was asking wasn't malicious, except for the 3rd question. Thank you dalejrrocks for pointing this out, and for answering at least one of my questions. I have already PM a moderator to remove this post. And Zal91, the only problem with your suggestion is that I play mostly on a Warcraft Mod server, which is an RPG , which means i'll have to level up all over again : ( I'll just have to wait until I can apply for admin on my current server.
  2. Hello everyone, Sorry for the long post First of all I'm new to a lot of this. I got myself a copy of "Hacking for Dummies" a couple of days ago, it covers a lot about 'ethical hacking' on networks, although the book is good it doesn't cover what i need. I studied programming and computer science at school, but i do need to refresh my memory I finished school last year and now i find myself playing LOTS of Counter Strike Source It infuriates me when i'm playing and someone starts cheating/hacking. Valves Anti-Cheat system is useless against many new hacks and admins are unreliable as they aren't on often enough and it can take WEEKS for them to view a demo and ban the hacker. And the servers I play on don't support votekick/voteban commands. Recently there was an *evil* person hacking away, annoying everyone on the server and there was nothing we could do about it. Another player, who's name i don't remember, said that he hacked into the persons computer and saw what hacks he was using. I asked him how he did it and he said he could get in through the Steam Friends list (FYI Steam Friends is the IM-service thats built into Steam and can be used while playing any Steam games), he wouldn't elaborate anymore than that : ( My questions are: 1. Can i hack a persons computer using the Steams Friends list? 2. How can i do it? This next one could be considered malicious, if it is just ignore it and i'll edit it ASAP 3. Can u tell me how to either crash or stop there game. NOT THE COMPUTER, JUST THE GAME. i.e. if i wanted to stop the game running on my computer i could minimize the game, open the task manager and end the 'hl2.exe' process. Can i do this on the *evil* persons computer? Last but not least 4. If i make a word document or a background saying "U got hacked noob! How do u like that!? Play the game properly!" How would i put that onto their computer? I don't want to destroy the persons computer, just get them out of the game and scare them. I want to make online gaming an enjoyable place. Please don't tell me to go play on another server, I shouldn't have to, i'm not doing anything wrong. And don't suggest that I become an admin, I have to post regularly on their forum for at least 6 months be for i can apply for admin, I've been doing it for a month now. I'd appreciate all the help I can get, even if it takes me months to learn. BTW I'm not going to rush in with whatever info u give me, after all i am a noob and i don't want to crash the server or anyone other than my intended target.