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  1. http://www.neurosaudio.com/store/prod_442.asp This product is the Neuros 442. It is called the 442 because it has 40 Gigabytes (4) Approx 4" screen (4) Dual core CPU (2) It is still firmware, but the project aims to make it open source and run linux, adding Quicktime and X-Vid functionality as well. Already it has WMV, MPEG, AVI and Div-X support. It can use flash memory cards as storage, in addition to the 40 GB youve got. It will also be able to record media rather than simply playing it. I just want to know the price!! -elchoaro
  2. Anyone with Windows XP HAS to read this: http://www.blackviper.com/WinXP/servicecfg.htm It gives so much in depth information it's amazing.
  3. < :cuss: > Let's just keep fighting our failed pursuit of terrorists, worrying about videogames corrupting our youth all the while. Fuck the media. If I didn't have a TV, I wouldn't have heard about this shit thousands of times already. And FUCK Hillary Clinton, especially. Tipper Gore, too. </ :cuss: > Even this article is wrong. The sexual part of the game was always buried in there, for some stupid reason. And some guy unlocked access to it. Rockstar could have exercised common sense and just not put that stuff in there. But of course all news sources skip on that small, unimportant fact. The issue here isn't the ability for people to include sexual stuff in games, but that in this case, the sexual conent was actually buried in the game. And again, big fucking deal, because you need to want the mod to even access it. You need to go out, google it, download it, and apply it. The game in its original form is not AO. So why is that it's rating?
  4. It's much worse than I thought. Since I don't watch news, I was in the dark until I saw an ifilm clip that showed a newsreporter crying as she talked to a man that just lost his wife. Powerful stuff. The thing I am most concerned with is the proliferation of aid that is going to the area. Are places like the Red Cross helping people who need it most, or are they going to the safest areas, or what? Any help is better than none I suppose, but one has to wonder. The majority of the people unable to leave were the poorer lower-middle class and outright lower class. How much does everyone care about them?
  5. "floppy diskette"? diskette??!!
  6. sazzer's link gave ME the state...
  7. Beej has a C guide, too. http://beej.us/guide/bgc/
  8. Not to mention DVD?RW is always slower than merely using a DVD?R.
  9. Did you know asm before you began, or did you learn it along the way?
  10. FUD! (Why all this anti-China sentiment in the news lately? What are they prepping us for?)
  11. MOOOOOOOOOT! The point is moot!
  12. What do you mean put it on hold? Do you stop it? And when you start a new track, do you mean you start recording a new track?
  13. Well that's not the best analogy because the Simpsons have been around for more than ten years. BRR has been around for a little over two years and we already have heard the song over 100 times. But I don't mind the song, so the point is moot.
  14. No.. there are only three star wars movies.
  15. I wonder if the stars in the bg are placed realistically or not. This program is really cool and fun to fiddle around with (on a fast connection).
  16. My theory on why Google has done this is merely to pimp out their email service. If this catches on, imagine how many people they will get to sign up for an account. Plus the account has value, unlike throwaway yahoo or juno accounts. I think it should have a more streamlined process for emailing users that are away. A program like this would have the oppurtunuty to eradicate the line between email and instant messaging.
  17. None of this conjecture answers the dude's question. If you are spoofing a computer in your own subnet, you may get away with it. Any router worth its salt would drop packets with source addresses that cannot come from where they claim to, and any IDS worth its salt would raise flags when this happens.
  18. Hello everyone, wasn't sure where to put this. This is my first post here at binrev. I've checked out the site, read the forums, and recently listened to a few radio broadcasts. My major computer skillset lies is programming and networking protocol. I hope to have fun interacting with this community. Have a nice day. -elchoaro
  19. I've finished watching the whole thing. I liked how you didn't shy away from warez, without doing anything illegal, and I even learned a thing or two.
  20. I reccomend sending this to Rant TV and archive.org. Great stuff!
  21. I think he means sites that provice music with the artists consent freely. Creative commons has a lot of stuff.
  22. 13
  23. I downloaded some of the videos you had on the site.
  24. [shameless Self-Plug] EYNTO Show: http://www.jmcardle.com/wordpress/?page_id=3 [/shameless Self-Plug] That's good stuff man. High production quality, and very valuable info to those newer to the IT scene.