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  1. If I am using anti-virus, its usually AVG. I had Kapersky for a while and I liked it a lot, but it expired, it updates its definitions VERY often. The newer version with the internet safety was killing my pings :(. I used NOD32 for a bit, but it was TOO safe, I couldn't fully disable it. So I now either have AVG running, or nothing, because as woody said, prevention is better than cure.


  2. Thats some old school shit, but anyways, how it's supposed to work is like this-

    Since the mouth piece is glued on you either have to punch a hole in it ( but don't go through the speaker)

    with a nail or whatever .

    My mom told me she made a call like this to her mother once when she and her sister got lost in NYC and had no money, this was AGES ago. I'll have to ask her what part of the phone she grounded, but I doubt it still works, its been so long.


  3. I think the OP lost a cell phone number and wants to know how they can look up that cell number, or anyone's unlisted cell number for that matter.

    There are a few ways of getting an unlisted number, there are services online which cost money, you can give them some information and they can find an unlisted number. You could also try calling the cell phone company if you know what provider the person in question has, and try some social engineering.


  4. no provider gives unlimited out going calls that I know of..

    But my question was how can I unlock it and add a field test number to make unlimited calls.?

    I'll try to contact Brakedance J and see...

    (the phone is a Samsung A310...flip phone..right before camera phones took over)

    There is no simple way to unlock a cell phone and make free calls, at least the details are not publicly available. If they were, then everyone would do it! Unless this 'version' samsung phone is some special phone, you're not gonna find a quick "how to make free calls" guide. what is a 'version' phone?


  5. I'd love to add the number of a telemarketer who calls my cell phone 3 times a day and hangs up on me. The fees they'd have to pay from a call from Nigeria on their 877 number would make me so happy! But I guess they count as an "innocent" third party. :(


  6. on the dsl splitter, are you sure its working right?  if you have a extra DSL filter, slap it on a line and see if it goes away. 

    you said its just when you call your GF, happen when you call anyone else, do you hear it when you call your GF from another phone, ect?

    Sorry, I should have been more clearer, all the information provided was about my girlfriend's phone line setup. It happens when anyone calls my girlfriend's house. The DSL splitter is this one:


    It's been working fine ever since I installed it in the summer. The only thing on the line is a DSL modem, and some phones, no modem or faxmodem or fax machine is connected... as far as I know. It doesn't do this annoying thing when you call out from the house, so it seems like some device is picking up. Looks like I'll have to track it down.

    And mo0, we have something similar here called the NID or network interface device. On one side its the phone company's wiring, and then a cable comes over from your wiring and and plugs into the phone company, which is where you can unplug your wiring and test the line. This is what I plan on doing today.


  7. Ok, before I bother to call Verizon and sit on hold forever, I figured I'd ask here. The idea came to me when my parents jokingly said that "maybe there is a tap on the phone and its broken." Whenever I call my girlfriend's house, the phone will ring on her end once and then stop. Then I'll hear a modem/fax noise. If the phone is picked up right after the first ring, or during the ring, you'll still hear the modem/fax noise on each phone. Can anyone think of what could be causing this?

    There is DSL on the line which is split with a DSL splitter (no need for filters), no fax machines in the house. I'm gonna grab a phone and check the line at the NID later or tomorrow.

    Thanks for looking.


  8. Customer Originated Trace (*57)

    Provides the recipient of an obscene, harassing, or threatening call the ability to request an auto-trace of the last call received.

    How does this work? Not (just) the tech side, but what happens when you use this? It hardly gives you the name of the caller and that, but what does it do?

    if you trace (*57) the same number three times there is a report made to local law enforcement with the information that was collected by the telco. The law enforcement agency of choice then has the option to take care of it how they see fit and you have the opportunity to press charges if there was enough information provided to said law enforcement agents. Contrary to popular beliefe the telco does not release the information to the customer who initated the trace.

    There is a per-use fee for this services that varies per telco. I would contact your telco directly to inquire on the cost for this service and any information they can provide about their reporting policies.

    Yeah, I was going to post about *57, my family had to use it once because we kept getting weird phone calls. As soon as the phone company told us about *57, we only got one other call, so we couldn't get a trace as 3 *57s are required. If I remember correctly there was no fee for *57 from my telco, Northern NJ Verizon.


  9. Ok, I'm putting this in the Nubie HQ because I think this should be simple and I can't belive I don't remember how to do this. I want to download ALL the files in a directory on a webserver, say..., I want every file in the stuff directory. If there is a way I could limit the DL to just a certain type of file like *.zip files, that'd be even better. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.


  10. Are you sure you got the correct IP address? Does your friend really have a POP3 server running?? That TCPView program tells you all the programs connected to the internet, the ports, and the addresses, just like the DOS command netstat.

    What program was connected to your friend's computer directly? From what I've read it looks like you found the IP addy to your e-mail server...


  11. There was a serious hole in Netgear's WG602 not long ago. Check this post to FD out. I see a bunch of X-Micro flaws in the search string results in your link, but out of curiousity, is this (NetGear flaw) what got you thinking about backdoors?

    There is a patch for V1's now, though as always, many who set a router up and just left it there have no idea I bet to this day that the gaping hole is there on their network.

    EDIT: After looking around some it seems the AG-621 may be vulnerable too. Same OEM vendor, same phone number. Anyone reading this who has that router, give it a try and see what happens and let us know.

    I have the netgear wireless access point that had that back door, I remember updating the firmware and all it did was change the password to a different phone number lol. I'm not sure if they ever made firmware without a back door, but I remember seeing a site that showed you how to mod the firmware to remove the backdoor and then install the modified firmware on the router/access point. it was a while ago though.


  12. Oh noes!

    Maybe its...Tsutomu!

    EDIT:Maybe put VNC on his comp, or put a hardware keylogger.  Or I can supply you with a fake windows login app

    Yeah, I have UltraVNC on the computer, so as soon as he walks away I can start working on his computer if I want, I don't have to get up and move. But if he's logged off, all I can do is look at the login screen.

    As far as a hardware keylogger, yeah I've been thinking of getting one just because its a good thing to have, but I don't have the money right now for it, plus he might actually notice is there since he goes behind his computer all the time to switch his speakers and headphones. The other option is a keylogger that installs inside the keyboard. Thanks diverter.

    That fake windows login app sounds interesting, maybe I'll give it a try, how does it work? Is it compatible with the cute WinXP Welcome Screen? Thanks for your help.