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  1. Really? HOPE is this popular? 3 replies so far lol. I'll be there too.
  2. is confused by this whole new layout, ddp went web2.0!

  3. just sounds like you have been infected with some malware, try running an online virus scanner to remove it
  4. Password is 0002* Alarm system. Enjoy Some research leads me to believe this is something at the Marines Camp Pendleton in CA... so much for homeland security.
  5. If I am using anti-virus, its usually AVG. I had Kapersky for a while and I liked it a lot, but it expired, it updates its definitions VERY often. The newer version with the internet safety was killing my pings . I used NOD32 for a bit, but it was TOO safe, I couldn't fully disable it. So I now either have AVG running, or nothing, because as woody said, prevention is better than cure.
  6. My mom told me she made a call like this to her mother once when she and her sister got lost in NYC and had no money, this was AGES ago. I'll have to ask her what part of the phone she grounded, but I doubt it still works, its been so long.
  7. I think the OP lost a cell phone number and wants to know how they can look up that cell number, or anyone's unlisted cell number for that matter. There are a few ways of getting an unlisted number, there are services online which cost money, you can give them some information and they can find an unlisted number. You could also try calling the cell phone company if you know what provider the person in question has, and try some social engineering.
  8. Turn the ringer off on your phone, then use call forwarding to forward the line to 845-735-9927. Your callers will get "Excuse me, please deposit 5 cents for the next two minutes, or your call will be terminated... Thank you for using NYNEX" A little trick I picked up from HOPE
  9. count me in, and perhaps 1 or 2 guests of mine
  10. 19, almost 20, couldn't hear it
  11. Try a data recovery program such as Get Data Back or Stellar Pheonix, run it off of an external drive if possible so you don't overwrite what may still be left on the drive.
  12. going, but i won't have a hotel room, i live outside of NYC
  13. There is no simple way to unlock a cell phone and make free calls, at least the details are not publicly available. If they were, then everyone would do it! Unless this 'version' samsung phone is some special phone, you're not gonna find a quick "how to make free calls" guide. what is a 'version' phone?
  14. I'd love to add the number of a telemarketer who calls my cell phone 3 times a day and hangs up on me. The fees they'd have to pay from a call from Nigeria on their 877 number would make me so happy! But I guess they count as an "innocent" third party.
  15. Sorry, I should have been more clearer, all the information provided was about my girlfriend's phone line setup. It happens when anyone calls my girlfriend's house. The DSL splitter is this one: It's been working fine ever since I installed it in the summer. The only thing on the line is a DSL modem, and some phones, no modem or faxmodem or fax machine is connected... as far as I know. It doesn't do this annoying thing when you call out from the house, so it seems like some device is picking up. Looks like I'll have to track it down. And mo0, we have something similar here called the NID or network interface device. On one side its the phone company's wiring, and then a cable comes over from your wiring and and plugs into the phone company, which is where you can unplug your wiring and test the line. This is what I plan on doing today.