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    So Yeah, DDR is schweet. I love Computers, They are my life. I built my own. I like Batch files and VBS scripting and im getting into C++ now, but its very hard for me. god. I like airsoft. Networking is great. I like Anime (Rurouni Kenshin, Lain, many more) Music...I like anything really, Rap, Country, Underground, Turntablist, DJs, Anime, Rock, and Tiesto is god. Im really into making my computer look schweet. Got my window case with UV lights reflecting off my UV motherboard. I know alot about hardware.<br /><br /> Corbin42
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  1. I use google Google is schweet But also check out I really like that, Easy to find a quick MP3 you want to listen to. Check it out
  2. Anyone get this? WARNING DONT CLICK ON ANY OF THESE SITES! My whole school got it just now. The i/m is from someone on your buddy list saying... is that u But it bring you to ... Can anyone bring up for info on it? Found a good site to get rid of any aim virus
  3. I just installed it, I think it neat. For you who dont know about it, its this I mean, Nothing has gone wrong with it and I guess it seems a little fast, but hay, well see what happends. Anyone else have it?
  4. Haha, God I hate that paper clip! You can customize it, thats was one of the pranks for April fools day. He told everyone to log off and back on, when you did this it installed on everyone on the network computers. The paper clip stayed on your desktop top and said " That does look like work! you slacker. Im reporting to this to the boss" It was funny
  5. I looked on a few sites and it says 1,000RPM ~ 2,000RPM That Plus minus thing +- 10%
  6. Okay, Im looking on For a way to increase your CPU Fan RPM's ("I will use google before asking dumb questions") And cannot find a way to. How do you increase your RPM's? Edit: Im also not OC my CPU because of the Three year warrenty on this bad boy, I think its hot enough, I dont care about the noise, and I wish for my CPU temp to be colder, Or getting my fan speed over 2,500RPM Its Running at 1,700RPM now.... 46C as I type.
  7. I see I see, But then again my friend bought a little 30 Buck heatsink/Fan and its running 47C Full load and under 35C Idle! Its and AMD Athlon 64 OC 2.2 Also the hotter the less speed, My FSB is Shit! 200MHz Plus Look at that heatsink, It should be less temp right? I would love it to be 35C, Thats that im aiming for. *opens windows for cold air outside*
  8. I have a Intel P4 3.0GHz CPU and a Zalman heaksink 120mm Fan! Now thats big. I know not to put to much thermal gel on it so I didnt overload it. It has been working fine for few days but its always running around 45C. Right now its running 49C! I Dont get it, For such a big fan it should be lowering much more I Think. Also the fan is running at 1700RPM. Anyone know why? Something I can do to make it cooler? Just look at the things in the picture, ITS HUGE!
  9. Okay, I just installed SuSE Pro and I need a few things now. I went on and I cant view the videos (No Sh*t) Dont know if I can install Windows (sigh) media player, Can I? So Yeah, I need a video Player and what other things would I need? Please Post. Thank You
  10. For AIM you can look at your conversations by google desktop.
  11. I got one! And im only 16 years old
  12. Wardriving is NOT a crime. I dont get why the US has wardriving a crime. Its just useing there AP going on the internet. Besides anyone who doesnt have WEP prolly doesnt know they have spy ware and ad ware, Instead of cracking down on "hackers" they should go after thoses Ad-ware spy-ware creaters!
  13. This is what I did and worked perfect. Find the page you want (example They blocked binrev a day after I went on it, God dammit. So in google I typed in and it will come up with one link you can click but at the bottom there is Show Google's cache of Click that and it will get you to the page. My school blocks proxy pages :-(
  14. w00t w00t
  15. Alrighty I got my Google talk (Here at and signed up. I just wanted to say its wicked schweet. You should get it, and if you already have it its nice, isnt it? My Screen name is Corbin42 Put your gmail names down.