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    HTML/CSS and Java. Im pretty good at it, not the best though. But yea, I take pride in it!<br /><br />Japanese everything!<br /><br />Advanced level Bellydancer. My teacher is Margo O'Dell. (http://www.margo1.com/)
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  1. Jesus, her myspace scares the #*$& out of me!

  2. What's with all of these weird "myspace angles" in profile photos?

  3. No offense, but she will probably never hack. She is a girl that goes on myspace and says "I want to learn how to hack" My advice would be study up on everything you can. Do you know how to use linux and things like telnet? Start with that, know what you're doing.

  4. I know Java... But how can i apply that to Hacking? And i think someone said something about HTML?... I know HTML too.... Uh, also CSS... Am I supposed to make a program in Javascript? By the way, thank you all for helping me out!!! ^.^
  5. Well Justin's my friend, so he'd never damage my computer... I don't know, Hacking just looks like alot of fun. And Hackers are so cool! Im sorry if in using the wrong term for "hackers". But Im a n00b.
  6. Anyone know a good place for me to learn about Hacking with hacking tools and stuff. I mean, Im a n00b... Really bad... And my little hacking buddy's always saying he's going to teach me how to hack but he never does... I mean, I know hes a hacker. He got my IP easy... AH! Im starting to ramble. Im sorry. Ide really like to learn how to hack. I have been thinking about this for like almost a year now. Please help? ()