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  1. We have a few folks at work that insist on having more than 2 monitors. We have a few of these out there, which for the most part work pretty well once you get them set up properly. Something to check out if you're looking to spend a bit to make this happen.
  2. Indeed, they're doing their verification through this company: The webdesign sure doesn't strike me as being amazingly up to snuff... Very interesting that a movie site would go through such a rigorous approach toward verifying identity when the simple "Enter your age" has been adequate in the past.
  3. Are you trying to find all users logged into all machines on the domain? If so and you can get a list of all machines - net view >output.txt perhaps? You can then create a batch that pings each machine once, if it replies issues the command wmic /node:computername computersystem get username and writes the results to an output text file. This is somewhat messy way of doing it I suppose, I'm sure there's a cleaner way to do it using AD directly but I've gone this route successfully in the past