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  1. Hey Guys, I was thinking, it would be kind of fun to do a "BinRev Forum Mag", not a "Print" magazine, but rather in PDF form. Articles could be submitted by anyone on the BinRev forums, and of COURSE, it would be a free download (source and PDF). I have a TON of bandwidth spread across 2-3 servers that I use very rarely, so Providing the bandwidth would not be an issue. I would however need a few people to help sort through the articles and also would need help with the Editorials (We could put one "Issue" out every month). Any feedback would be appreciated, this has been an idea of mine for a WHILE now, and since I don't know when BRR will be back on the air, this might be something we could do until it comes back, and possibly even after it does? Oh, and before I forget, we would, in the tradition of BRR, try to keep politics out of the magazine as MUCH as possible, and I would also, use punctuation more often (as opposed to having a 50 page document that is wrapped into 2 sentences )
  2. BTW guys, for all those who are interested, sorry I haven't been on to get this going quicker, but I was tied up with holiday stuff, the dreaded "black Friday" (didn't get any of those $3 50-packs of DVD's either) and shopping for family members and the fiance. I know justifications are merely excuses, but I did want to state my case..LOL
  3. Okay, have THREE names that I like, one suggested: "The Data Stream" and the others, are based UPON the suggested name "caffeine reads": "caffeine chronicle" or since another source for caffeine (especially in enegry drinks) is Guarana "Guaranine Gazette" Lets have a quick show of hands, and I can setup an account on my server for the domain. Anyone willing to setup a Joomla site and plug in a template... possibly do the banner? I intend to spend SEVERAL hours on this over the weekend, so any help will be appreciated, also, whoever does the banner/template stuff, can happily stick their name at the bottom in the credits
  4. anyone want to suggest a name (one that we could get a domain name to match?)
  5. Score, so we have a total of 3 of us now Okay, I think HTML and PDF can be the 2 formats we'll put issue's out in then? (Sorry Spyril, but a LOT of people prefer pdf's, I'd hate to lose a reader base because we do not have preferred doc formats, we could add other formats too though, i.e. ODF?)