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  1. Well I think only us and ca.
  2. I dont think they have mentioned it on there site yet. Im having fun scaning atm.
  3. Time to phreak-out.
  4. great show guys
  5. Hum I might do hiss radio
  6. windows
  7. a working link for checkinstall
  8. I wanna make a engrish to english translator.
  9. It is called bsdeviant. edit:I cant read This is what happens when you dont sleep for 3 days
  10. "cocaine is a hell of a drug!"
  11. i would think it is minipci. Now what chip set is it?
  12. est will pwn the wst
  13. well to exit out of kde a friend would hit ctrl+alt+backspace(restartx) then wile x restarts hit ctrl+alt+del p.s. I have only used kde once
  14. just right click on the taskbar ----> toolbars ----> activate quick launch. Then drag the link to the quick launch task bar. And to make it look better right click on the link ----> properties ----> change icons and change it to what you want. (maybe into the ie icon or some thing that is commonly lauched by ppl.) oh and change the name of it too.
  15. There needs to be a Nubie bsd distro, oh wate there is Mac os x! Well if your are going to go with bsd there is dragonflybsd, freebsd, openbsd, netbsd, (Open)Darwin and other I not in devel or I don't know about. As stated, when it comes down to it you have to chose what you like.