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  1. you wear harley Davidson sunglasses to use your laptop.
  2. all in one secret maker is nice for preventing a infection.
  3. rewee!!??? didn't i give you that picture?
  4. hope this isn't piracy :pirate: shit thats awesome with headphones! Cereni_Holophonic.mp3
  5. google image has a lot of weird stuff. this is sfw since the naughty bits are cut out? if not i'll delete it.
  6. then she noticed some changes... in her shell!!!
  7. holy shit that was insane and i was using my laptops speakers
  8. /\ thanks! looks cool EDIT: i was using it and then wtf the icons on my desktop don't work and the start menu appeared. so i uninstalled it.
  9. my 8800 says do it! soon! im not paying for window blinds.
  10. hah hah you broke the pink thing!
  11. have fun!
  12. "Over on Zx-81's website, he's released a compilation of things he's used to make PSP software on his Fedora Core Linux machine. The full title is PSP Software Development Kit for Linux Users, but let's just shorten it to PSP SDK for Linux. Zx-81 wasn't very explicit as to what was inside, but so far, we see plenty of scripts, C++ information, as well as samples you can try out and study. In any case, you should probably pick it up if you're a Linux user who wants to expand his current base of programming info. In the meantime, we'll just sit here and wait for you guys to come up with newfangled applications we can cover, so we can give credit to your programming prowess. Enjoy!" article from:
  13. becuase im not sure if he'll reply within the month. when your at boarding school in hardwick mass (aka the middle of nowhere 1 store (general) and a 1 pump gas station.) you get bored. i don't remember him saying there was a point just curious... i think...
  14. heres the easiest way to end this problem take it to a pc hardware shop and have them fix it or order a replacement charger, wait, pay them, take it home install linux, or reinstall windows, and viola a laptop. if you do decide to open it up laptops are more complex on inside than a desktop so be careful. or call the company and send it in if its under warranty they'll fix it free if not they may fix it for a price.