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  1. I approve; the bit on the N2 was good. Also, I would rather you not force periodic episodes. Quality over quantity is best.
  2. It was aired on Off The Hook the date of my post as I mentioned, so check their archives for a recording. It is still busy as of 4:20am. It could be because the message was temporary, or even that they became aware "others" were calling in. It is all very mysterious.
  3. 212-796-0735: Sounds like a spynumbers station. This one was mentioned on Off The Hook today, but they didn't give out the number; I had to dig. More Info. 217-728-2002: Ancient cassette tape deck playing creepy children stories. Stories change every now and then.
  4. That's quite an optimistic outlook. I suppose we shouldn't hope for unselfish distribution of those resources, since that wouldn't fit the current typecast of 'American's.
  5. /r/ topic renaming, and links to the current scan results.
  6. You still haven't said how you linked SuperKaramba with what the Plasma project is doing. Although I have my reservations (as others do) about getting too excited for a project that at this moment is all talk, I've seen major improvements over the years in a LOT of projects that are under the KDE umbrella. If any group of developers could pull some of these lofty goals off, it is them. And there's something to be said about atleast trying to innovate the desktop.
  7. When I used to use p2p programs a few years back, I would search for files like "sites.dat," which is FlashFXP's Server Manager data file. That proved to be entertaining for a night or two. Many p2p networks act as an ocean of ignorance waiting to be fished. But alas, I quickly grew bored of exploring the minds of the naive.
  8. The Appeal project isn't just "ripping off Apple;" how you put it so quaintly, it's an honest effort at improving the linux desktop experience through means of the KDE project. The project is not focusing merely on themes/styles that look as sexy as Aqua, they're also questioning the current user interface concepts, and brain storming new ideas on how to use the desktop differently in the future. You should really read up a bit more on their mission before you immediately gloss over it with such a statement. (Plasma is a member of the Appeal project if you did not notice.)
  9. The problem I have with that method is it isn't entirely anonymous since NuFone requires paypal information in order to register. Any softphone supporting SIP works with FWD, and they do not verify the authenticity of registration information.
  10. Free World Dialup allows dialing toll free numbers on the PSTN in the USA, and many other countries as well. Try, try, again.
  11. I tried 5 numbers from that list that I thought were interesting, but none of them were as described. However, myself, I've finished the 200 numbers I was assigned in this project. I can of course scan more from 895, but I wouldn't be opposed to starting on 713 either. If it's considered a higher priority that is.
  12. Natas brings up some good points. Natas, what exactly makes the exchange you have in mind so lucrative? If, or when we do this other exchange, I suggest you assign blocks starting from 0, not 1. (e.g. 9300-9399 instead of 9301-9400) This way the block can be easily described: 93XX.
  13. If you do use scangen, be sure to get v0.5 because it handles 800 numbers nicely. caustiq@darktower ~ $ scangen -a 1800 -e 895 9301 9400 # [range] [descrip] # Scanned by [you] # Started 2005/08/15 17:31 1-800-895-9301 + 1-800-895-9302 | 1-800-895-9303 + 1-800-895-9304 | ...
  14. Ah yes, power in numbers. Double entendre much? I will take: [38] 9301 - 9400 [39] 9401 - 9500