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  1. Those ravers have it all figured out dont they They are called Soul Fusion Glow shoes. Ya know, I would fancy a mens pair of heelies. I get jealous of all the little kids gliding through the hallways on their heelies. Your right Tacomaster they look pretty cool at raves. See Inert old raver wannabe video :here:
  2. Hmmm... I'm sure there would be a simple way to SE it out of her, by making her call you! Play around with the call function from Google Maps Use her number to call a buisness that you have phone access to. Her phone rings and the caller ID says that your buisness called her, but when she picks up, her phone makes a connection with your line and your phone starts to ring, meaning that it would be very easy to pretend that she initiated the call. I dont know, maybe its crap, but it is something to work with.
  3. Found an article on watching webcams on google (pretty much worthless)>Google Hacks>>no tech hacking article>Art of Electronic Deduction> YOU ARE HERE X