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  1. Wow, nice skin. I want that, whats it called?
  2. Ooh nice pic's, from what I've heard he has an heat sensor system that adjust the room temperature according to a persons body heat. Probably lots of more goodies!
  3. There are pro's and cons my freind: http://www.zephoria.org/thoughts/archives/...d_the_ugly.html My apologies if any of you were a bit upset by my post, but it was merely my opinion nothing more. Loosen up!
  4. DON'T GET GMAIL!!! Gmail uses advanced search engines to search through all your email, so they can send you advertisements that match your interests. You may get 1 GB of email storage, but you also can't delete any emails, and Gmail automatically saves all your emails in two different databases, one of which you have no access to! Can you say "Search Warrent"? *POOF* Law enforcement can read all your emails from once you setup the account. As well as when ever they want, and they have the warrent ready to go as we speak and are currently viewing atleast every beta tester! But if non of that matters to you go ahead. Personally I recomend yahoo, it gives you 100 MBs of storage which is virtually all you need, or just make your own mail server, its extremely easy! Go register a domain, buy a 250MHz PII system for $75 on ebay, slap Mandrake on it, install DNS, HTTP, and Email Services and voila! You've got your very own email at your own domain. Gmail is extremely overated, stupid, and violates more than one law! I am highly against it! Consider also what it does, its just not worth the GB. 7/10 people I know got a Gmail invite used it for about a month then switched to yahoo.
  5. Are you new at programming, and web building? Do you want to discuss hacking techniques? Are you into computers, or do you just want to have a good time? We over all that! http://www.scriptriders.org
  6. I'd go if it wasn't so far, I heard its a bit lame though. Heh, but it can't be any lamer, than the CCC cons. Greetings I'm Spency by the way!