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  1. I've found out some pretty interesting things since I've taken an intrest in hacking and all that. I'm in my school library. In 8th grade I took it apon myself to glitch and exploit the hell out've the system so I could atleast -do- shit on the computer. Well now I'm in highschool with a brand new DELL system they installed this year. I love it because I'm violating the hell out've it and they don't know. Thus far, I've downloaded a few programs. I've been able to just "OPEN" the files instead of saving them, and through and places like that, get mIRC, AIM, and whatever else my bleeding heart desires(FLASH, Shockwave, Quicktime, DivX, etc) and turned this library hunk into my own machine. However I still have to use my one backdoor(Opening a "start>programs" folder and using the "up" folder option. I was supprised they overlooked this but I'll be damned if I'm not using it. Though this I can get into all of C. What was banned before by admin's I can get my way into. Only the "my computer" and "c:\" in explorer is banned. I found the config files(I think) and I tried replacing the ADMIN one with MEDIA STUDENT(me) but it didn't work. Instead I replaced ALL USERS with ADMIN. Unfortunetly I don't know how to get into WindowsNT without it... I can't get into DOS/Command. I've tried. I also can't right click except in webpages(not even in explorer) I'm not sure were to go from here. I want unlimited access for the sake of having it. There's a program called Altris Client Service. I found their .cfg with passwords in it, but it's encrypted=true. I turned it to false in the .cfg but it didn't seem to do much... I can get some info on things here(AClient.cfg): [Networking] DomainPassword=OU]SZQFIhwldtp{RNwNp DomainUsername=f^CS@V\Iylmdff~up]`xj~Mcp DSDomainController= DSOrganizationalUnit= ChangeSID=True ComputerName=0181_MEDIA08 Workgroup=False Prompt=False [Account] Prompt=False Password-Never-Expires=False User-Must-Change-Password=False User-Change-Password=True Groups= Full-Name= Password=newthing Create-Account=gznFiP Encrypted=False as you can see, attempts to change the .cfg didn't do anything. It made it once and never went back to it, unfortunetly. This computer is a Win2K on an NT network. It's webwatcher program is by 8e6 tech and is pretty good on watching(I've been able to get into things like aol through .de, .se, etc.) so it dosn't watch forign languages. It also lets me connect to whatever I want whenever(IRC, AOL, and things like trillian all work) so I dunno what if any security the computer ITSELF has. I need some help as to where to go with this. I'm interested in making this MY computer instead of theirs. So what should I do?
  2. Well, I registered. I hope I get some learning out've this. Thus far I read through the articles, and had a laugh at the FAQ. The articles seem helpful, alot of showing you security leaks and loopholes. I also like the part about email fraud, that's something I don't think I could get tired of. For the better part it seems you guys are into the truer hacking and not hotmail hacked website destruction. I love it. I just mentioned the virus thing becasuse I thought it was relevent. Me and my friend have tons of fun thinking of ways to make a virus work and make it for no reason. I can't think of just how many CD's with autorun on them we have laying around. You can't even drop them in to see what they might be because we don't have a test machine to drop a destructive virus on. It's just some harmless fun, all in good taste. However, I hope I can get some more information from you guys. I didn't even know redboxing was dead, kind've disapointing. I really want to get into phreaking first. There's so many phones everywhere I go and no one has ever touched them. Sarasota is a small place with alot of old people, it's easy to get away with things and I've been wanting to learn my entire life.