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  1. I hit ed every once and a blue moon to try and figure it out. ( never happens and I guess it wont happen today)
  2. the problem is a tad more unusual than that it needs to match if the user dials N numbers if that is even possible for 1 pattern but I don't think it is
  3. help
  4. in the US the middle class is the largest section of the population
  5. so I am trying to find a pattern that would match a number containing "2920" keep in mind that asterisk will only be able to see the 2920 on some calls but the full number on other calls. so I would like a single pattern that can match both 17776542920 as well as just 2920 is this possible seems like it should be thanks
  6. peopl have been selling this stuff forever, get over its not 1997 any more.
  7. I here wep can be cracked in minutes now and wpa can be cracked with a set of rainbow tables enlighten me
  8. I am not talking about sql injection.
  9. http://www.myfoxla.com/myfox/pages/Home/Se...6F.%6A%70%67%3E well this is just html injecton on myfoxla.com I am not sure I understand the danger in XSS attacks, oh well
  10. I get "\" inside the text box I was using but no html will spill outside of the box
  11. ok maby I am just not clear, I said I would post the site !!! its not a big site but the vulnerability is in the CMS the site uses also CAN SOME ONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY ON EARTH ";?> facilitates injection !!!!!!!!!!
  12. personally I think posting the url to the site is reasonable but what I originally wanted to know is why " ";?> " faciitates the injection this also facilitates injection on a well known news site a friend and I came up with that between games of beer pong
  13. it does
  14. mom got me a computer and said not to end up like those kids on tv she was reffering to some guys who got busted in the 80s h
  15. so I was on this site playing around and I put in ";?><something> and low and behold "<something>" spills out on the page next to the input box i have never done anything with with xss bugs but I thought this was interesting