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  1. I was reading about DVD encryption and was wondering why a DVD burner can't just copy a DVD bit-for-bit without analyzing it at all. That way encryption wouldn't stop copying at all, then you could just pop the copy into a normal DVD player of any kind and it'd play fine. I know this is totally off track in some way, but how so?
  2. Oh okay, thanks a lot!
  3. Hey everybody, I was wondering if somebody here could please explain exactly how to create a Slackware installation disk for the new computer I'm building. I'm not a huge n00b in general, but I'm just getting started with Linux and detailed OS stuff in general. I went to a torrent tracker and downloaded three files (slackware-11.0-install-dvd.iso, slackware-11.0-install-dvd.iso.asc, and slackware-11.0-install-dvd.iso.md5). I know I should use Nero or Alcohol 120% to create burn the image to a DVD, but I'm not sure how to do that with the three files together, or if that's even necessary, and would like some simple clarification please.