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  1. Since when did "java" fit into the category of portable? people who write java should be... hurt.. repetitively. it is portable enough, and it is the type of solution I was looking for.
  2. I've already checked out, xming. Xming is probably the server I'll end up using. I was hoping that I overlooked something and there were more choices.
  3. I am looking for a x11 client, sort of like cygwin x only portable. Usually, just carry around a thumbdrive with setup.exe on it and install from the local package directory. But now I am looking for something that is a little more portable. So far the only other option I can think of is just carrying around a live cd or dvd, I am also looking into xming, but any suggestions are welcome.
  4. I am in a similar boat. I have a tech license. I'm looking for an HT. There are a few UHF/VHF repeaters I can hit with 5 watts in my area. I am just looking for some suggestions. I haven't checked out my local HRO, yet. I just wanted some idea of what I should look out for first.
  5. The UPS should be a lot cleaner.
  6. listened to the HOPE 6 conferrence. then google.
  7. I IDE I use is visual studio C++ express. I have used Dev CPP and I like it better. The only advantage visual studio has is access to the Microsoft Developers Network. I know everybody hates microsoft, but I don't give shit. There is a lot of good documentation about programming. I don't even think that you have to be member of the msdn to get access to it, but it is bloated and it can be a hassle parsing it all.
  8. I got it why didn't you say that in the first place.
  9. after the linux is installed on the second hard drive will data on the first hard drive be readable? is there a danger of corrupting the data on the drive.
  10. I think he is talking about writing an os for some archane system then porting it to other archane systems to eventually create a super portable os. which would be cool if you you had nothing else to do.
  11. :spawn1: I just wanted to get my post count up :blowfuse: