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  1. Yeah the virus was great, Mr.W was like.. omg what happened, hehe it was good to be able to check mail on the school comps again wasn't it? THEN they got the web based :pissed:
  2. Change you Mac address? I've heard it can be done.. I need to find another IP scrambler as well.. do they still have those? :help:
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll look into C, I also have heard Ruby On Rails is fairly good. and no I know 0 programming languages.
  4. What's the best language to use to program information gathering worms?
  5. well I've decided to attempt to start with python, thanks.
  6. I did have some C++ books around here.. what are most worms programmed with? I believe the reason I stopped last time was I needed a program I didn't have.
  7. In essence I want to gather large amounts of information, what that information is doesn't REALLY concern anyone other than me, & is to be shared with only ME now, I know "google is your friend" but I'm looking for someone who actually knows what the hell they are doing, I've tried some google, it's crapshoot sites that think they know what they're talking about.. now. With that said, anyone I have pissed off in any way (IDK How.. ) But I'm sorry.
  8. well, I've always seen it written as Kane.. I know Cain as from the bible.. but. I thought it was MEANT to be different.. read my above post I r dumb
  9. + I forget what proxies are you have to explain everything to me.. really slow.. I forgot what limited knowledge I DID have.. of hacking
  10. :spawn1: DOOM :spawn1: Anyone know more about Honeypots & Kane & Able software, anything illegal I know nothing about.. and anyone one else who knows nothing about it.. help me with nothing?
  11. thanks, and Zal, still idk about the sig..
  12. Sweet that'll work for now. Now.. its there.. but how do I get it here, sorry I suck at it alllll. I know 0 about any hacking & most filetransfers I norm use Limewire & such for programs and what not.
  13. Exactally I'm just curious what my teacher is doing with my grades since I make lowest 90's on tests & do daily work.. but uhh I was failing.. must learn why. & I wanna learn a few other things
  14. Hilarity ensues with you guys eh? as for the lil quote with hacking, I'm not harming.. I'm gathering information.. call it learning...
  15. Hey Since I'm a noob again @ hacking & forums have changed a bit, I'm asking for help in a few areas, 1. I'm wondering about Info gathering worms & lockdown worms, they don't harm any information just gather it. & the lockdown worm, just makes your computer useless for awhile.. 2. An avatar & Sig. Thanks Ya'll Any and ALL USEFUL help is appreciated. ~Gen