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  1. We can still send cash? right?
  2. Here's the books I like C++ Primer Answer Book by Clovis Tondo & Bruce Leung C++ Programming Language Special Edition, The by Bjarne Stroustrup C++ Solutions - Companion to The C++ Programming Language Third Edition by David Vandevoorde C++ Standard Library, The by Nicolai Josuttis C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial & Reference, The by Nicolai Josuttis C++ Templates: The Complete Guide by David Vandevoorde & Nicolai Josuttis I don't know if this helps but here is a list of books to stay away from C++ (Nitty Gritty) by Till Jeske C++ Coach by Jeff Savage C++ Effective Object-Oriented Software Construction 2ed by Kayshav Dattatri C++ GUI Programming with Qt3 by Jasmin Blanchette & Mark Summerfield C++ Gotchas by Stephen C. Dewhurst C++ Program Design (2ed) by James Cohoon & Jack Davidson C++ Programmer's Notebook by John Shapley Gray & Jim Keogh C++ Programming for the Absolute Beginner by D. Henkemans & M. Lee C++ Programming with CORBA by Andreas Vogel C++ Standard Template Library, The by Lee & Musser & Plauger & Stepanov C++ for C Programmers 3rd ed by Ira Pohl C++ for Programmers 3ed by Leen Ammeraal C++ in Plain English (3ed) by Brian Overland
  3. I'm ready
  4. :ranaway: Firefox/0.8.0+ :ranaway:
  5. The $10.00 may stop some, but there are people out there that just don't care. Maybe if there are not enough people signed up they will have to lower the price. $2.00 wouldn't be to bad.
  6. Have you seen The Matrix Online (Mx0) trailer? It makes me want to play it NOW!!! //ftp://ftp.hcgamer.hu/pub3/mxo_trailer_lrg.wmv.zip
  7. I wouldn't try it myself but I thought it was cool
  8. Fill a common water pistol with gas and us it as a flamethrower in the garage /http://content.jengajam.com/flamethrwr.wmv
  9. Thanks I will give it a listen
  10. I think (C: Step-by-Step by Mitchell Waite & Stephen Prata) would be a good place to start. If you can find a copy in a used bookstore (C/C++ Multimedia Cyber Classroom by Deitel & Deitel) would also be helpful.
  11. WoW that HTML art is cool the source code is somthing to look at I think I like it better then ascii art.
  12. I found this site when I was looking for some Nix backgrounds http://" button instead of the "CODE" button...
  13. CooL thats what I've been waiting for.
  14. Thanks dual I needed that :borg:
  15. Great I can't wait. :voteyes: