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  1. hey everyone my first post here, and yeah im a newbie when it comes to the hacking scene, ive been taking a real interest lately, ive beenr esearching but i cant seem to find the answer to this question basically all i need to do is disable a program on the school network. its a really annopying little program which print screens every thing on your screen and is triggered by certain words you press. say i type in 'fook' in my email, even that is print screened and sent to the admin, wheres privacy gone?! :mumble:. the computers are limited account of course and we cant even open cmd, theres no access to the DVD/CD drive either, the computers are windows xp professional sp2. so, all i need to find is how can i end this program without being caught by the thing i want to disable? the product which is installed on our school network which i want to disable is here: thanks