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  1. I was actually thinking the exact same thing.. I've seen this site before, always thought it was pretty much a scam. Is there anyone, thats um.. creditable, that has actually bought something from here? I'm assuming no.. Hah, but then again everything there selling seems a little to good to be true. Oh well, at least I can dream.. haha I can see where you are coming from, I am new to the forum and can respect that I am not known. I hope someone who you all know finally stands up and says something or tries them out to confirm what I have experienced. If not, no big deal I guess.
  2. This is killing me.... As I said in my last post, I normally dont puff up websites. In fact, I generally keep it to myself if I find a killer site because I dont want the prices to skyrocket out the roof. What is killing me is that each person that has talked sh*t about this site has not gotten anything from that site. I HAVE!!! And I am telling you it worked for me!!! one thing I got from them cost me about 700 bux, I made probably 15 times that putting it to use. Based on that, why would I try to find some cheap chinese made copycat that wont do sh*t. I am American, but I have to say American mentality sometimes really gets to me, always trying to find some knockoff cheaper version of the real thing and talking sh*t about the real thing, then claiming its crap because the knockoff did not work. I think I shoudl email these guys and show them the link to this forum so I can ge some kind of deal for supporting them so much in this forum. Bottom line, if you have not got something from them, why are you commenting? I want to hear from others like me that have actually had the balls to spend a few bux and got something and seen if it workd for them or not!! My last comment on this subject: If I asked advice of a forum of knowlegable people about some site or product, I would expect people that had experience!!!! to answer, not people who have no idea to give some lame attack or answer that really has no bearing on my question at all. I just dont get people replying to a question that they actually dont know the answer to. ~HTR~ PS I'm done with this, and sorry if I offended anyone. It is not my intention to attack, just to give my opinion and answer the question of the person who posted the question.
  3. h**p://www.alexa.com/data/details/main?q=&url=www.hackershomepage.com This says it all, they have been there for about 10 years, I have got stuff from them. It just gets me that people call a site a scam and have not got somethign from it. I personally got something, I researched it before I got it. How can they be online for that long and not have legit stuff? I normally dont get on a band wagon to puff up some site, but I find it funny that people rate it without even testing it. Each person who gave it a bad rating stated clearly in their post they never got anything from them. Another 2+ cents. ~HTR~
  4. I have got stuff from that site from a few years ago and the stuff worked fine. Yes, I remember getting the satellite stuff from them, they had great support, none of that pay crap that was going around at that time. I also go some of the emp and gambling stuff from them and it also worked fine. I have no complaints. /They used to be pretty expencive but now they look liek they really have lower prices now. I think I may get more things from them now the prices are lower. Just a question to "lowtec" about it being a rip off but yet you have never gotten anything from them. That makes no sense at all, that is like saying wal-mart is a rip off and never even walking in the store, how do you come to that determination? Buying on the internet is always a risk, but I say give it a shot, thats what I have done in the past and sometimes it has paid off and sometimes not, but you dont know until you try yourself. If you buy from a bad company, just dont buy form them again, no big deal. It has always been a rule of mine that if I dont know something about something, I just dont make things up, I eather dont care or I check it out myself, but I think it is a little dumb to say something about something if I dont know anything about it. This is not an attack, just an observation about the comment, thats all. Just my 2 1/2 cents. ~HTR~ P.S. 2hi4her, I would be interested in what things you have, can I email you about it? what kind of stuff do you have?