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  1. bruCON

    Anyone goin...bruCON c
  2. Anyone going to HAR '09?

    Maybe i'll stop bye to say hello... c
  3. Anyone going to HAR '09?

    Are you HVR guys goin? c
  4. Anyone going to HAR '09?

    HAR2009 c
  5. Wordlists - dictionaries

    All kinds of wordlists theargon c
  6. HAR2009

    Anybody goin? HAR2009 c
  7. Advanced sql injection

    Joe McCray did a talk about advanced sql injection on Dojosec check it out here. It's very interesting. c
  8. Virtual network lab

    Has anybody tried this out yet? Marionnet c
  9. Net tools

    I know this guy,he put's lot's off work in making this tool. I used earlier versions he made and they where pretty good. c
  10. Hacker Challenge Site, without the politics

    check out smashthestack Is hackerslab still online? Can't seem to register. c
  11. Bluetooth Sniffer

    I also got my DBT-120 USB Bluetooth adapter Rev C1 and following DrGreen's guide on the backtrack forums. Thanks for the link Aghaster. c
  12. IP geolocation database

    This is pretty acurate iplocation c
  13. Bluetooth Sniffer

    Also check out these tools for bluetooth hacking.Bluetooth Penetration Testing Framework Interesting article. c
  14. ebay phishing

    I must get me a grandmother like that... c
  15. ebay phishing

    Phishing isnt new,your right.But there are people who don't use firefox . Anyway,the site has been blocked for web forgery. Case closed... c