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  1. That's hardcore!
  2. TIRS my man, the Telephone Investigators Research System, TIRS. You can also run cellular, and unlock the CNAM. Pretty pimp for being free.
  4. True, but still should not give me the right to shoot somebody in the face at a 2600 meeting for touching my laptop; because I'm a carded member of Infragard, and I have proprietary information on the machine.
  5. To quote the article itself: “The interests of InfraGard must be protected whenever presented to non-InfraGard members,” the website states. “During interviews with members of the press, controlling the image of InfraGard being presented can be difficult. Proper preparation for the interview will minimize the risk of embarrassment. . . . The InfraGard leadership and the local FBI representative should review the submitted questions, agree on the predilection of the answers, and identify the appropriate interviewee. . . . Tailor answers to the expected audience. . . . Questions concerning sensitive information should be avoided.” Is this happening in this thread? Hmm.
  6. Where's Av1d when we need him, lol....
  7. Well I hope they hooked you up with the guns at least .
  8. It's great that they will not make Caller ID Spoofing illegal, though obvious flags have been put into place, like calling a number from the same number. Most of the posts in the media about Spoof Card seems to stem from and other aspects of their FAQ. Very interesting...
  9. Here's the documents we've been able to pull up They've said that they did not intend to harm anyone, but the recording on 610-404-5945 says it a little different. They meant to harm anyone that got in their way, or harmed their egos. What about Dialtek? Paul Hoffman, Jr. Why is he mentioned early as a co-conspirator in the Rosoff case, but not mentioned any where else? They already arrested Sandman , and Smiley. They will get the max at their sentencing hearings as well. It is terrorism over the phone, done to inflict terror. There's no respect, no real skills needed. I believe it's been documented a majority of swat calls was done using SpoofCard, which does not sound like hacking phone company software to me.
  10. to be honest i think that as the others' have said, that it is forwarded. why? i don't know, but it's good to record and throw in an archive for laughs; maybe put it on YOUR vm as well, hehe. i just might do that
  11. hey i just saw the sidekick 2 that's coming out on an interview, and that thing looks pimp. i wonder what kind of goodies it yields for exploitation
  12. like the pla ?
  13. FOR THE RECORD: we don't edit/delete any of our shows, unless the GUESTS' request us to remove something; if the guest doesn't want anything removed it get posted as-is (well, we add buffer music and all, but that it.) on top of that we lost the Laser Archive :flush: , and no we probably won't be putting our shows on the Laser Network. but you can still check out the Haxor Radio Information Line @ 206.888.5819. also we don't script our shows, it's what ever the guest wants to talk about. we try not to talk to our guest to much previous to recording an EP, that way interviews don't sound recycled. we don't go by a real schedule, except that we usually begin recording between 12 or 2 a.m. we try and ask questions that will natually lead the guest into where they want to go, which is why our EP's are so damn long. THE ONLY REASON that we are one of the most listened to h/p radio shows out there is because of your support, without it we are nothing but a tree crashing in the forest. we appreciate everyone who downloads an episode, spread the word about Haxor Radio, burn copies and hand them out to your friends. :blaster:
  14. ep 14 & ep 15 will are recorded, and will hopefully be up by wensday the 28th. also: unfortunetly it sounds as if we (Haxor Radio) have lost our damn archive of ep's 1-10 on the Laser Network, oops ; i guess the intro guy wasn't kidding when he said that if you don't login to the boxes for X amount of days you will lose them . but don't worry, sofar all is well you can still grab those ep's in MP3 format as always .
  15. yes it's true oh it's true, but at least this time I wasn't the only one. to just get into a little about thirteen: 1. We had to stop recording, because Chaz mysteriously dissapears & gets a head-job (much like decoder on the Default EP-13). then it took him 45mins to return, the last thing i remember was listening to Nexus & Chaz, Hairballs' in the back snoring (it was about 5:04 a.m EST), and I fell back to sleep. the funniest thing about it all, was that when Avid woke up his computer was STILL RECORDING! Meanwhile three gigs later!!!!! three gigs, i think that would've been the largest single episode release todate, by anyone. but it was all for the good. we just got done recording fourteen earlier this morning, so once Avid get done doing his Voodoo :devil: with the EP he'll let you know. plus there might be some eggdrops in this EP i'm not sure... but enjoy, and please help us spread the word about Haxor Radio.