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  1. Probably your best option is to get a VPS which doesn't cost much and is good for learning, there are plenty out there with varied prices, linode is pretty cool with their offers and all of them give you PTR. V.
  2. In another note you could download a copy of Hiren's BootCD that includes many usefull tools including several data recovery programs like Ontrack's GetDataBack ! ! V
  3. Ummm, I am not going to comment about your last line because its not me but what I did say I said because I knew him "personally" from IRC and I knew what h did, I did not speak from the media .. umm .. mkay ?
  4. LoL, funny one, za b3st haxx0rz ev4r ! V
  5. Not everything the media said was true but from actually talking with him on some ocassions and some of the whitehat members, scanning, bruteforcing, irc bouncers and the java chat room thingie was true as hell. (V)
  6. imho you should really google first of posting here.
  7. King Tiget you have your point of view about UI which is not completly wrong but if you want to start learning linux I give you the tip to be flexible in your opinions and your knowledge because linux has been known to blow the mind of noobs so if you are not flexible you will just format and reinstall yer old windows. About linux, most guys installed linux when gui interfaces were a myth or hard to come by, I myself firstly learned linux by working, coding and doing stuff remotly on remote machines in the world, vps's, normal shell acounts on friends boxes and so on, after that I got my hands on a linux cd and spent more than 1.30 hours to install it because it didn't have a ui install but I was very happy when all was finally done on my AMD K6 box. But not all Linux users are from the ice age, some hackers/coders I know have used linux allmost imediatly after it broke free from unix when mr torvalds decided to create it, i myself am not so old but there are others new that have learned linux only that its a lot difficult for them if they are not flexible, developing and even using open source has to mean that you are flexible and open minded which a lot are not theese days because the closed doors that windows offers, don't get me wrong, i have nothing against windows, i even use it for some stuff, i work i have only windows and my laptop runs dual boot with debian and xp so i am not here to boicot windows. V
  8. =)) kewl tests, I would want to know what if the earth was a cube Anyway he was definetly hacking for the wrong reasons always not just that one time, either just to proove he can or to show the other guys that are hacking for the wrong reasons that he has more hacked servers than them, the male ego could be a bitch sometimes V
  9. ! I have been watching this in romanian newspapers and tv, in blogs and forums since the day he first got arrested because I knew this guy, chatted with him lots of times on IRC in undernet, anyway, I cannot believe how much the press have blown this out of proportion with stuff like "The leader of the WhiteHat hacking group" (which was a irc team that scanned and installed rootkits aka skiddies), "a mastermind if not more" (HAH!), "with his skills he hacked NASA, the Energy company and the navy causing damage in over 1.5 million $" (c'mon, what the hell could he do to cause that much damage, he got the 150 or whatever servers he hacked and jumped up and down on them with his feet ?) and many other such comments. It makes me sick, 1.5 million dollars, 54 years in prisson, extradation and so on and so forth... same discrimination as Gary McKinnon only that in Romania he is seen as a hero by the normal people and as a skiddie that just happened to scan that ip range by the real hackers who know what exactly he did to get into those systems. In reality it has been said that among those 150 servers he hacked there was one box that was setup exactly for hacking and trapping and anyway they found tons of logs and crap in those 150, enough to prosecute him with no problem, then to make it even more beautifull he went and installed a java type web based chat application for him and his WhiteHat team to chat... Give me your input on this! V
  10. Its funny and entertaining, specially the last ep which is not on the website yet but can be seen on youtube when she curses the people who ban her website, the revolution will be internetizized ! wWw.cubenews1.cOm !
  11. I have heard that the first day it was posted on the website by a mistake, i was googling for something and stumbled upon that. Anyway I remember I saw also a recording on youtube of an interview In a way I am amaized how much his government decided to make an example of him, and also the US government, after all this time he still can't get a job, allthough that comes a little hard to believe.
  12. Dude, she's got a PC not a Mac firstly. You should have no problem running Linux on that box King Tiger, my first linux was ran on a much slower box than that and I had UI but fluxbox allthough it ran on with an older version of KDE but I prefered configuring fluxbox which is so flexible. There was also blackbox and openbox but they are pretty much the same. @subversus: BSD is good I actually used only BSD on my boxes when I had a webhosting company but that doesn't mean its better than Linux, both are flexible and can be managed and configured to serve you in any purpose. I am not going to flame you because this is just a matter of taste but what I will say is that you see "linuxes" as you said as distros but Linux is only one, after that comes the bigger and important distros that all the other distros that have been showing up are based on, but any one of this big distros is powerfull, you can install slackware, gentoo, debian with only the minimum which is the base system and build from that everything you need, that is what I always do when installing Linux, not because I think that the install cd gives me lot of crap but gives me stuff I just do not use so I do not want taking up space, for a begginer i recommend the install cd because all those apps can be fascinating if you are just entering the Linux world + you get everything ready for you. V
  13. With obdII from what I have read on the website last night I can only get data from the car, diagnostic and everything which is all fine and good but what I am looking for actually is moding the car, first off all I would like to play with my milage a bit because I have been wondering about that ever since I saw that guy did it. About chips I do not think its such a big option on my car, in my country there are a lot that make this tunning chips ro at least this is what they call it that gives you extra hp. Anyway my car is a romanian brand of which you probably just started to hear allthough its been around for 50 years or so. Dacia is the brand which has been taken over by Renault about 6 years or more ago. Its a Dacia Solenza year 2003, its practically a lot like Renault Clio I, the dash board is allmost identical, the engine is a Renault 1.4 L 75 hp and I am pretty sure that also the computer in the board is the same as Clio I. Has 60.000 km on it (not miles) and runs very good, just changed all 4 tires 3 days ago. If anybody is curious I will upload a photo. Its difficult to get any parts for it here in Italy but I manage. The last model of Dacia which is the Logan has been exported to France, Spain and other EU countries so you might have heard about that one. @MaRo: Bad maro, don't you know stealing is not nice ? next time remember to steal also the software V
  14. Hah, you don't mess with superior functions of course like brake regulation and other stuff like that, I saw it on live time and I also talked with a mechanic about it, he stated that all you need is a special cable like a usb or com cable but that sounded too easy to me, after googling and asking some more I found out there might be needed a special box like the ones I use I work to reprogram mobile phones but still I don't have any solid leeds. Plus my car doesn't have a sofisticate computer, its a standard electronic computer that shows time, records milage, regulates air flow and some other basic functions. I state that the one that I saw in action was made on a VW Passat and after that on a older version of Mercedes which I don't remember. V
  15. Now I have heard a lot about this and even saw it one time at a shop when I was getting something fixed on my car. Its about hooking up your car to a laptop with a special cable that can provide you a lot of information about the car from the car computer and with certain software you can reprogram the computer like turn back the km clock. I have googled around about this and have found some vague traces but nothing solid. Please post here any data or information you have about this. Thank you