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  1. Why are you running NetBSD instead of FreeBSD? Is there a reason to run NetBSD instead of FreeBSD, on x86?
  2. Does anyone use Solaris/OpenSolaris as a desktop?
  3. I think it's time for my favorite link: If you want a good *nix alternative to Windows, get Mac OS X, not Linux.
  4. Can you actually say *why* and list some reasons?
  5. Thanks Ohm. Alk3, I do not intend to replace it, I just wanted to know if there were alternatives to it (curiosity). Linux is all about choice anyway. I didn't know that the code was in the kernel itself though. Was it like always like that? E.g was ipchains in the kernel too? Is there a special reason that it's not a userspace application?
  6. CentOS is designed to run on servers (alternative to RHEL?), so it won't be a good desktop distro. I agree.
  7. Is there an alternative to iptables? If yes, how does it compare with iptables?
  8. You should focus on learning how your current OS works first. Well, maybe that's harder than osdev.
  9. Yes, Transmission is very good and lightweight. It uses GTK.
  10. Each one is for a different purpose. OS X is a very good OS but it has some memory management problems.
  11. I don't think Ubuntu is clean enough or is directed at people that want to learn every single thing.