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  1. Thanks for the information, I kinda guessed it would either be very hard to do or something that would cost out the butt to do. I kinda figured that having 5 different ip address would be very hard to do. Since your own computer would be confused but the remote computer would be just fubar on why its not get all the requests from the same ip for the same download connection/session. Packets would be going all crazy. Maybe someone could write a program that would take all the connections and make them look like one connection to the pc to at least make my computer less confused. Then go from there. A static ip would be in order. Hey maybe a reverse engineer of the QOS service in winhozed XP would work. I dont know thou, im just a noob when when it comes to network design. All I can do is set up small networks, nothing fancy. Anyway thanks for the information. Maybe someone reading this get inspired could get inspired to write some code and reverse engineer some hardware to get this to work. Think of the stringing5 6mbit connections together, quake 4 wouldnt suffer lag. :voteyes:
  2. I have a question, I have access to several inter-web connection points. Via 2 wired ethernet companies and up to 10 wireless AP's and dial up. Now I want to know if there is a way to use 2 ethernet connections, and 3 wireless connections and one dialup as one connection at the same time. The hardware is 1 builtin ethernet port/1 built in wireless port. then one pci 10/100 card, 1 802.11g card and 1 usb 802.11g. To make it one uber connection. Any ideas?
  3. I rated you five, now you rate me five :)

  4. Wow this woman is off her rocker