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  1. well i"m not sure about most off what you said but from my knowledge of firewalls that could be tiny, i "think" (no guarantees) that was on some about a month ago. don't hold me on that thobut pretty much busted
  2. let me make sure i state they are P2's
  3. You can bite me, i have quite the extensive vocabulary in seven languages so, HA!! that and i can spell this A-U-T-H-O-R-I-Z-E-D yea i agree it is both pixelated and the grammar and spelling are deplorable and you can even pick out what has been doctored from the internet if you type CIA and Google a image search. and why can't i ever pick on someone else's spelling, every time go to make a joke by writing in the same format the do people seriously think thats how i spell:|
  4. now if only i could wright this guy it would be alot funer
  5. ummm thanks but you lost me somewhere in the first couple of repiles, so would this really be worth any good, i hae about 5 laptops and 2 desktops and i dont use the laptops and ones of the desktop, the have like pentiums inside and at least 512mb ram each
  6. lol exactly but i wonder if anybody is actually gonna say oh yea thats authentic lol
  7. found this coming accross the internet, guy states he was able to keylog his friend who he knew worked for the CIA and then remote controlled his computer, i smell bs but up to you, he took a screen shot but it doesn't mean it couldn't be doctored which i think it is but im not the photo exspert bs.bmp
  8. :start: :run: "msconfg" :startup: clicky click;)
  9. aww darn it made me happy for a sec:(
  10. i would like to you take a moment and read thee above thanks
  11. lol microsoft got 0w3nd again lol
  12. 859

    me but nobody else
  13. The problem with this is most of the time you get newbs who think there gonna get to hang out with kevin mitnick people, i prefer people from this for because most of them know what there talking about and can have a intelligent conversation and know what there doing when messing with stuff
  14. Do you ever venture out of General Hacking and scroll down to the other forums? I mean, seriously, there's a forum just for these questions! Why post it here? Do you ever stop whining about lil things, I mean, Seriously, why be the only person to say anything when no one else really cares P.S. i post a lot in responses in newby H.Q., links, bit box, and general chat, look before you jump to conclusions and beside, like if i post it in this area im at least gonna get more answers and responses, most the time in the other forums there rarely looked at and that makes getting a answer slow
  15. looking for some people to chill with, are there anybody living in Kentucky, i was thinking about creating some kinda international society for hackers, mmm kinda like the masons whats everyone think? kinda kidish maybe