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  1. it's for nothing for me
  2. This free tool from Heise Security will let you download the windows updates from a patched machine and will burn them to an iso that you can use on a freshly installed copy of 2000, or xp or server to update it before you connect it to the internet. The tool specifically does not download the wga check and i think it even works with different language version of windows. Just thought I'd add it for all of you, who like me, have to work on windowz like it or not. Happy Computing oh yea, the link
  3. It appears that windows update has been hijacked see the article at Now, as to updating windowz, I found this updated program that uses MS own procedures to retreieve updates, sans wga, and then lets you burn to an iso and update from that. This works to update illegit copies as well as update xp to a 'safe to connect to the internet' state. (Also works with server and 2k). I won't work without it. see 'till next time
  4. Just check'd the link above and it lists the split coming up here in New Mexico.
  5. This link to an interesting article about the fallacies surrounding the superusers (hackers?) and how these misconceptions shape policy and law. Just thought someone here might find it interesting. Happy Computing
  6. If you're getting those post errors every time and the hardware is old and or been unplugged for a long time you may have a dead cmos battery. Check the motherboard for a flat battery marked 'CR2032'. That's the replaceable battery that you can buy at almost any store. I'm not 100% sure on this, but it could help you eliminate possibilities and or isolate the problem. Hope it helps Check out for more. *quick edit on the part number and add link
  7. I subscribed to the binrev radio podcast awhile back and didn't really look, but now I notice that I don't have any episodes before #183. What gives? I've searched this forum but didn't find anything related. Anybody else notice this? TIA
  8. Was listening to some security related podcasts and decided I needed more 'meat'. Did some searching and found a site titled 'security podcasts that don't suck' and that steered me to the podcast and then I ended up here.