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  1. This was strange.. this morn at around 2:15 a Californa Relay Op called me and relayed the message: [This is Relay Op725 the do you know how to use this? The user is on computer] Op725(or something):Hello Me: um yeah uh.. hi.. um.. O: Can you talk? M: um...uh..ye..na..yeah sure... O: Is this ****(my name here)? M: er.. uh.. yeah.. um..yeah.. Who is this? O: This is Bo from eight grade remember we had sex? M: er..um..uh..s-s-su--no..um yeh sure. [me trying to talk to the operator telling her this was crazy] O: remember me now? M: who the is what? uh.. no..yeah.. uh.. Operator stop typeing I'm trying to talk to you the Op. Can you trace this? Hey you Can you trace..[uh sir we are not allowed to talk to you] [me scrambling to figure out who this is][operator says the user diconnected] um.. [This has been Relay Operator 725??? California Thank you. So then in a slight fear but nothing to worry about other then the fact they matched my name with phone number. I dial 00 then 1 then 0 operator comes on. I explain my situation and she tells me basically there is nothing to be done as relays are anonymous and she could put some type of watch on my line. and it was probably just kids. Now this wouldn't bother me if it wasn't for them knowing my first name.. After all this I googled my full name, phonenumber, aliases, email addresses, and other stuff. Looking for my name to be with any of it. and I found nothing.. I did however find stuff I had forgot about. My question is.. should it bother me?.. I mean everyone is asleep but me.. then have my first name probably my last and my phone number which gives my address but the operator was from Cali. I don't know who this is I never use my realy name online.. except for signing up for important things and even then I usually use an alias. I'm paranoid by nature but yeah.. I mean I don't care who it was as long as I know.. and they know that it was too late to call. That is if it was legit. Only one of my friends would know about phone relay stuff and he lives in New York and he wouldn't do it because he know it'll wake up my dad. um.. also.. Does Relaying messages cost the receiver? or is it like included in the taxes or whatnot. Oh and does the relay ops location mean anything?
  2. It looks like everyone else's but it's really hard to stand out anymore.. I trust you designed the logo and the rest of the header. That's cool.. It's really sharp not boring, not cluttered. Simplistic. It's nice to see Lorem Ipsum being used you get points for that. On a side note, I need to get back into the graphic community. It's been way too long.. I think I'm going to go spend some money on a new computer.
  3. You mean http://www.myspace.com/youthriotclouthing You forgot the 'A' or was that the purposeful mispelling? lol j/k
  4. DVD

    Yeah I know of a few programs that'll let you copy DVDs.
  5. "When would-be thieves see The Wrap, chances are they'll go find an easier target." That is because they wouldn't want to be seen near one of those tacky looking things and who steals air bags. I mean seriously.
  6. could someone tell me what the song towards the end is. I have heard it before somewhere. wtf? I'm scared at 674.mp3
  7. nah, man I like it. though I don't have much use for it. I did however make a XBCD controller. It worked very well except for my controller was a little broken on one of the analog sticks so the deadzone had to be a bit bigger then I liked.
  8. There is this game for the new movie Stealth and before you play the game you are supposed to enter your phone number and Jessica Biel will call you and tell you the mission objectives. I havn't tried it but I may be fun to get the number that calls and scan around it see if you can find anything interesting. Anyway here is the link. Stealth Invader
  9. I knew tal0n and atomix a long time ago.. They were both pretty cool IMO. I havn't talked to them in so long. h0no has been around for a little while.
  10. N64 emulators and games are not well done.. or something.. I only got maybe two games to work.
  11. yeah it was boring. he pretty much plugs his book and they go to break every 5 minutes.. someone has a small bladder..
  12. if it passes I want a wallet or a card-holder that blockes radio fequencies so no one can scan me with out me knowing it.
  13. number 9 (Turn me on, dead man!)
  14. I don't really know if I want it to pass or not.. but this is kinda old news.. I thought a lot of people subscribed to EFF or else I would have said something about this earlier.. I just slipped my mind until my senator wrote me back.
  15. probably shouldn't use gentoo then, I've heard it's difficult.. but I don't know.. but Yeah I got really serious about a car pc for a while but prices keep scaring me off. I may still try to make one.. and all those websites out there conflict with each other.. I found this site was very informative. But at random times they'll try to make you pay for the site. So maybe I'll grab the text for us. but yeah there is four parts and only the forth part links to the other parts. I think but check the site out. http://autospeed.drive.com.au/cms/A_2334/article.html http://autospeed.drive.com.au/cms/A_2335/article.html http://autospeed.drive.com.au/cms/A_2342/article.html http://autospeed.drive.com.au/cms/A_2343/article.html
  16. well.. I don't know much about linux.. but I would assume gentoo would be the path to take.. becuase you have control on what goes on the install and stuff.. Or atleast that's the way I have taken things. or you could get a thumbdrive and put a small OS on it.. becuase (from what I understand again) it's supposed to be fast loading. This probably made about this *holds up two fingers in a pinching manner* sense to you. I'm sorry but I just had to comment since no one else was. Also, I read somewhere that 3.5" harddrives and the vibarations that the cars make kills the harddrive quickish.. but laptop harddrives are much more stable..
  17. actually I say TelcoBob is probably the closest I forgot it was the middle of May.. but oh well..
  18. ooo my block page looked different and had the option to email them and explain why it shouldn't be blocked and let it get reviewed.. I love sending them messages.. nothing mean just asking them if they could explain what was so bad about it and if they would like to talk about it contact me and stuff.
  19. That's the way I would plan to go. sure more mistakes could be made by leaving evidence around your house but yeah that's the way I would go..
  20. This is not official by any measure but I'm opting for June 15th. We could have a whatchamacallit where everyone guessings a release date and the one who is right or closest wins.
  21. See you later.. I don't beleive we ever talked but yeah Bye.. good luck with your future endeavors.
  22. You know.. I should go and camp at my theatre but mall security would probably charge me with loitering. And if any of those mall freaks joined me stuff would get broken because the teenage kids here are fucking retarded. but it would be funny to camp out there. maybe I'll get some friends to join me. I'll bring a couple tents.. haha good times..
  23. I have the schematics but I'm not sure of the legalities. Nevermind I have the GPS jammer schematics it's was in phrack magazine. Try looking there for the cell jammer though.. they may have it too.
  24. Yeah I used it for about a week once. I still have the name, however, and just recently installed it again. But I don't know anyone that uses it..
  25. yeah hurry up with the next episode.. but don't rush to the point it'll suck.. just you know.. I wanna hear it..