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  1. I will never fully understand why somebody would post on the internet... for public view... when what they are posting is against the law. some good first hacks though.
  2. Most of our payphones are at&t with a couple of COCOTs. they are trying to take them out. Failing mostly. They just put in 3 new ones at a local grocery store that had none before. Going to have to go play with them some. Sucks that they are going the way of the taradactul. Such gentle creatures.
  3. No.. he means where you telnet into an ip relay and the op talks for you and you type it in. This the source of lots of great fun... and yes, it's old school phreaking. What is it doing.. can you give a little more on not working?
  4. You should read about the history, ask a bunch of questions. check out www.chromedpork.net, scan like a madman. Hang out in irc.chromedpork.net in #phreaking also The binrev forums are a nice place of course. Hope to see you in #phreaking
  5. Just trying to immitate,
  6. Ahh, well i have not had any experience in using redbox tones myself.. Due to my age really. I knew it sounded different than the tones you can make with your mouth when calling the proctor test set.
  7. Most software I use is on palm, http://www.hackcanada.com/homegrown/palmpilot/index.html thats the redbox i use. Nah ive never found a phone that it works on.. There is supposedly one in the city near mine, im going to have to go try it out. I also use a tone dialer on palm... Which i dont know who makes it or where it is. If i find it ill let you know. When I had windows, i used a voip called iphone, the quality wasnt the greatest but it was free. And voipbuster. I like freeworlddialup too. http://icall.com/ http://www.voipbuster.com/en/index.html http://www.freeworlddialup.com/ Iwar is pretty cool too. http://www.softwink.com/iwar/ As far as the OS im running. Well on my laptop, netBSD, my media computer MintLinux, and on this computer, well it's suse now but i think im going to switch to Fedora. If you wanna meet some really good phreaks, you should check out irc.chromedpork.net in channel #phreaking. Hope to see you there. (sorry if this is worded weird or anything i just woke up)
  8. You can telnet on over to bbs.telephreak.org http://telephreak.org/main.php http://chromedpork.net/ Head on over to the IRC for chromed pork also irc.chromedpork.net Also, text files is great. But most of it doesnt work anymore.
  9. Many of the suggestions seem like they would be great, but at the same time. Think about how soon it will be outdated. I would suggest putting info that won't be very outdated anytime soon.
  10. You know the best place for handscanning right? http://chromedpork.net We would be more than happy to accept any scans. of course you get full credit. Also, come hang out wit us over in #phreaking on irc.chromedpork.net
  11. Just picked it up. Pretty 1337
  12. Happening here too.
  13. You should really check ebay. that will be your best bet. Either that or use something else. Put the tones on your ipod maybe? I have a program on my PDA that dials DTMF tones. http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?f...&category0= Also, if your interested in phreaking, be sure to check out the new chromed pork site. http://chromedpork.src.co.za/
  14. I've got sprint
  15. Yes sir it does.