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  1. Update here! I fixed the problem. I had a boot folder that had another syslinux notation in it. That was causing the problems.
  2. I am stil struggling with my USB boot project (I am attempting a BT2 and bartpe dual boot with irongeek's instructions). When I boot to the USB, syslinux starts with a comand line of "Boot:" If i simply press enter, BT2 starts. Hawever, I can't boot Barts. I have tried entering bartpe, pe2usb, and pe2usb.bss. Every time I do this it says "Invalad kernal" Ant I deas on what I skrewed up? Thanks for everything!
  3. Just an update here... BT2 is successfully booting off the USB XPE still isn't working!?!? Barts is on the drive (I think) but Syslinux dons't seem to be working when I boot from the USB. There is no menu. I just get a prompt that says "Boot" and if I press ENTER, BT2 boots. Sorry if this is stupid, I'm doing my best. Thanks!
  4. I'm not going to give my time, when you won't give your time to learn. Hey, don't get me wrong. I am fully committed to learning about this project as well as many other areas of computers. I have been occupied with things that are out of my control, but I value everyone's help enormously and I am trying hard to learn. Thanks again for your time so far.
  5. I sent this PM to arewhyainn about my current issues. Any thoughts? My biggest problem is lack of time really but there are a few things I am still puzzled about. 1) MySlax doesn't support BT2 so I can't follow Irongeek's tutorial exactly. I think I got the correct files on the drive though. *note: see my other topic about this issue http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?sho...mp;#entry249678 * 2) I can't get the XPE plugin for my Bart's build to work! I have no idea what the problem is! 3) I can't get the Bart's build onto the flash drive, although I think I need some 2003 files. If so, I don't know where to get them. 4) I have no clue what files to put on the drive from Ophcrack to make that run. If you have any advice or thoughts, let me know! I truly appreciate your help and thanks for putting up with my ignorance (sorry, I'm new to all this). Thanks Again!
  6. I had this correspondence with Irongeek. Let me know if you can think of anything else. I don't have a workaround yet, I thing the newest version of BT is Slax 6 based, but MySlax is for version 5. You might be able to use the batch files that come with all slax distros to do it, if you have any more questions just make a forum post. Thanks everybody!
  7. Hey! I'm just trying to understand and learn more. You guys are great! Thanks
  8. Good ole Irongeek linked to it. I just wanna learn.
  9. Uhh... the MySlax site seems to be down. (Hacked?) Does anybody know a: where I can get a copy and b: does it work with Backtrack 2 and vista? Thanks so much!
  10. I was wondering, as a side project/experiment, would it be possible to triple (or dual for lack of space) boot Live CD distros of Linux on a USB flash drive? I was thinking about a security bundle of Backtrack 2, Ophcrack, and Bart's PE Builder (for windows). I think they would just fit on 2 gigs, but I'm not sure. Could this be done? I don't know much about portioning or booting of anything but a CD. Thanks for your advice!