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  1. i'm a gamers and noob so it still all good for me , when they make games for nix or mac i will switch tell then theres no point
  2. hey i just saw the sidekick 2 that's coming out on an interview, and that thing looks pimp. i wonder what kind of goodies it yields for exploitation all i know so far is there adding yahoo msg. and better firm ware updates
  3. go t-moblie and get a sidekick 2 or wait a few months and get the sidekick 2 that coming out soon.
  4. i'm so sorry for you, cingular is the worst ones, my mom ordered nastion wide and left miami from okc and they cared her roming and all that and when they relized they made the mastake of not switching her planes they still said sorry you have to pay.
  5. it only block new window pop-up that damn onsite stupid little flash pop-up make it threw with about all browers with popup blockers
  6. ya i us gaim to have for a long time but here some nice new, the aim flows have gone uber public
  7. i lissen tot he shows on rotation on rantradio talk and have many time hurt bitchign about aim and all the crap that it installs. i personally us gaim with lets you us aim, yahoo, msn, irc. ect and is linux based but has a emulator for window and blows the fuck out of trilien. any way to my point, is there any article on the this aim dose to your pc, i've been unable to find any and would like to convert the world one post at a time. thanx jeff