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  1. last time I paid this place a visit, I was in like 7th grade and really REALLY wanted to get into phreaking but hadn't the mental capacity to understand any of it. any tips or pointers as to what the hell is going on in the telecom universe as of now? what are some good websites for info, I'm so sick of out-dated textfiles about stuff that doesn't exist anymore. I really wanna revisit this stuff now that I'm not a stupid little brat. I remember being told that exchange scanning was pretty much the #1 phreak pastime recently. Anything else? I just wanna talk to some folks about this stuff, I'm really curious (and I know I probably sound like a dumbass but whatever)
  2. I guess it's so teachers can give their students online take-home tests. A friend of mine says it's tremedously easy to hack if you know what you're doing (which I don't). I figured that there might be people here who would find some fun stuff on there.
  3. OMG HAX!
  4. Is the scanned number list, liek, gone now?
  5. I dunno.
  6. That's 'coz anything with "Wiki" in the name is hacker territory.
  7. u shuld maek a virus
  8. Same here man! I start it, and right before it would normally go to Windows I just get a black screen with a little blinking cursor. Sometimes I get that Boot Choice screen. I've never tried starting in safe mode. I recently got a new graphics card, if that makes any difference.
  9. I turned on a school laptop at school today. Lo and behold, it was logged into the admin account. No password required. I went in, and began to do research for my project for History. But I got curious, and decided (stupidly, but harmlessly) to do a "Net Send" and advertise my band. Nothing rude or anything. But within seconds of my actions (I didn't even know it worked at the time), my teacher got a call asking if there was a "Laptop 18" in her room. I owned up to it. She banned me from computer usage in her class, and I'm still awaiting punishment from the rest of the official.
  10. My buddy IOD made this. It's pretty rad. And you can't unfriend him.
  11. That's pretty rad.
  12. I should try it at my school :devil: :devil: :devil:
  13. I'll try and get numbers for the Wal-Marts around here. I doubt any of them accept incoming calls.
  14. Hmm, so I needs Linux? I don't wanna install it again, it's cursed for me. But a good friend of mine has it, I'll try this stuff at his house.
  15. Whoops, I shoulda posted it here in the first place. Thanks.