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  1. Greetings, Permission to state my wishes...... I wish I know more to post more........... and yea, I wish better internet connection so I can browse more.
  2. I came across system that I couldn't install anything! (not even a modem) I tried to paste a file to the folders but access is denied, but I can paste on C:\ The system is Windows XP, full Administrative rights, I checked if the folders are made read only but they werenot, I scaned the hard disk with McAffee 8.5i but nothing comes up. What could be the problem? could it be a setting? Where else should I be checking? any idea is highly appreciated. Thanx
  3. I'm not sure How much this would help but check the sites below I had these in my bookmark, they might not be the exact thing you looking for,
  4. Take a pity: :cuss:
  5. look at the site dip.. its level 2 links download them all does not follow links .. operat0r: You are right. Since I'm under a very slow connection I didn't check the site in full. I thought all the pictures would be on one page. may be HTTrack would help, then again HTTrack would download the whole site. Check the preferences and mirror option if there is a way to configure filter.
  6. You can try Cain.
  7. If I understand your question correctly.... To Run BT you need to burn the .iso file on to the CD. not the folder containing the .iso file. Then config your bios to boot from CD. it should run live. Then you can install it to the hdd. (caution: It will overwrite the MBR)
  8. If you are using Fire fox, there is a plugin called.... DownThemAll! So far it is the best tools I ever come across for mass download. It gives you a choice for link or picture download. DownThemAll
  9. If the hard drive is working try to format and reload it on another computer and take it back to the original, it might work. as for the CD, if you can't borrow from a pc that works, It's better to geta new one.
  10. I'm a total noob for this but I like to share this. I came across couple of websites ( and ( as i was tryin to unlock my motorola v3. They do provide a nice tools and tutorials. Since they also provide the software, it might be possible to customize your phone (well.... using hexeditor!).
  11. Thanks everybody, I now got Lilo and Grub... I guess I'll use Grub. but first I'll remove that extra OS. Can anybody tell me how will I get the tools out of backtrack and install it in Ubuntu?
  12. I originally have WinXP. I tried to install backtrack in another partition in anticipation that I will have an operating system choice. But It only tries to boot from backtrack so I installed a second XP on the other partition and got my older XP back but now I wanted to remove the second installation. Since it is a second installation it was supposed to be in add/remove but it isnot there. I know I could remove it from the OS choice menu by editing boot.ini (this only hides the os)but I want to remove it all. would there be a way? Second if I want to install another operating system (*NIX) in another partition how will I get the OS choice menu? Third Does a second installation slow the PC like if I installed XP and Linux or XP in separate partitions does one influence with the other? Thank you very much in advance
  13. Mine is not legit as well, and as soon as it grabs kb919007 and kb918439 it will disable firewall and DCOM so I can't run anytype of connection. So I disabled the updates. Now It's fine removeWGA.exe seems a nice idea.
  14. Seems complex enough not to be brute forced. But incase he already knows your password, Change it to similar password and bet on it.
  15. Looks fine from Ethiopia. The page didn't even load that full page ad like before.